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Powercode 17.11.30 Release [Beta]

New Features

  • Procera v17 Support – added support for Procera v17 devices to sync with Powercode up to 17.2.X.
    *Do not upgrade to 17.3.*
  • Send Mass Notification to Children of Equipment. This allows sending mass SMS or Emails to spcific customers with equipment under a specific parent.
  • Enabling NAT in 450 Config Template now gives the option to Enable/Disable DHCP State, which when enabled, will auto populate the 450 fields in LAN1 Network Interface Configuration on the 450SM.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where phone numbers would sometimes not load into an invoice.
  • Fixed warnings for adding a DID not showing properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing DID deletion to fail.
  • Fixed some ACH payments not showing up on the Account Class Detail Report.
  • Fixed link for backup help from redirecting to a non-existent page.
  • Fixed ticket template add/edit page from using the wrong permission.
  • Fixed phone numbers and brand not repopulating after failed submission in add customer wizard.
  • Fixed labels for Customer and Assigned User in Failed Jobs report.
  • Fixed upgrade date displaying as time.
  • Fixes MikroTik garbage collection not getting all the orphaned data.
  • Fixes passwords showing on the BMU Add/Edit screen by default for MikroTik BMUs.
  • Fixed MikroTik DHCP checkbox not removing DHCP servers and addresses when unchecked.
  • Fixed MikroTik Rate Limiting not setting queue speeds to unlimited when unchecked.
  • Fixed sales and disconnect report from not displaying.
  • Fixed spelling mistake on DID import page.
  • Fixed transaction log from loading at max 200 entries.


  • Added Customer Variables to Send SMS for individual customers.
  • Added extra validation to ensure multiple upgrades do not schedule at once.
  • Added Device Configuration Template to the Equipment Overview page.
  • Added 5 Ghz Support for Option 66 Cambium R200/R201P Routers.
  • Ticket Type and Ticket Category Dropdowns are now sorted Alphabetically.
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Powercode 17.11.27 Release [Beta]

System Changes

  • Added Bank Account Classification to ECheck / Bank Accounts. You can now classify a Bank Account to be either Personal or Commercial. These classifications will determine which SEC codes are sent to your payment processor.
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Powercode 17.11.21 Release [Stable]

This stable release is the first stable release since 17.10.19. Some of the highlights include:

  • 9 New Webhooks for Powercode Events to push to your application.
  • Twilio SMS Integration adds the ability for you to send text messages to your customers through Powercode!
  • Amazon AWS S3 Backup Destination allows you to send your Powercode backups remotely to AWS S3.
  • Dynamic Phone Numbers adds more flexibility on which numbers you want entered into Powercode, as well as lifts the restriction of one per type!
  • Optimized Powercode Upgrades to run faster and make your downtime less by removing unnecessary permission changes.
  • Tons of bug fixes and enhancements!

Be sure to check out everything that’s been added!

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Powercode 17.11.21 Release [Beta]

System Changes

  • Defaulted WYSIWYG editor to paste as plain text.
  • Removed permission changes from upgrade, as they are already set. Upgrade speeds should increase dramatically, especially on large filesystems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Web Hook for Add/Update Equipment not pushing to slack.
  • Fixed broken link on recent equipment.
  • Fixed MAC address formatting from inconsistently updating.
  • Fixed adding phone numbers on new contacts.
  • Fixed several pages from loading due to outdated user preferences.
  • Fixed readDeviceCategoriesAndTypes type to category relationship in the API.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent deletion of an invoice.
  • Fixed a case where MikroTik wouldn’t push data.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause certain files to fail to upgrade.
  • Fixed the Add Customer Wizard from selecting the wrong Custom Field by default.
  • Fixed an error that would cause job creations from the network site overview to fail.
  • Fixed an issue with MikroTik that would stop a sync if a network was already established.
  • Fixed scheduled payments from not being entered into the Payment Queue.
  • Fixed payment queue from failing to load entries with deleted credit cards.


  • Added Web Hook for Equipment Down – Infrastructure and Customer Equipment
  • Added Config Option to turn off auto-mac formatting. Disable it in Configure > System Configuration > Powercode Features
  • Added warning to edit contact email address if no contacts are set to receive emails.
  • Added next / previous year buttons to growth chart.
  • Added the ability to require a phone number non-specific to type.
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Switching Services

We have added a new method to our Schedule Events feature. Now we have the Switch Service option for a easier way to change customers from one service to another.

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