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Powercode Release 22.02.25 [STABLE]


  • Resolved an issue where billing would halt if not using IPPay as a payment processor due to a new function specific to them.
  • Resolved an issue when billing a small number of customers (less than 20) during the bill due day process in which the process to hold billing until the payments have completed was not occuring, which could result in some customers being charged twice with two separate transactions.
  • Changed the notification when making a manual payment to only show if the customer has pending transactions in the payment queue.

FCC 477

  • Correct the mapping of the upload/download fields when using advertised speeds.
  • Correct a bug when accessing the service speeds on plans when generating the deployment data.

Customer Search

  • Resolved issues while searching for a customer with a special character as well as while searching by the last name first.
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Powercode Release 22.02.21 [STABLE]

FCC 477 Report

  • Added a button to trigger a FIPS update for all active and delinquent customers.  The update will run in the background and provide status updates via the system event log.  It is recommended to run this prior to generating a report if you are having trouble generating one.  A notification will appear in the top right corner that the process has begun.  Please clear your web browser cache prior to this. (ctrl + shift + r) To reload the page and clear your cache.
  • Updated the advertised upload/download speeds label on services to accurately represent the information the FCC is requesting.
  • Upload/download speeds greater than 10mbps will be rounded to a whole number for reporting per the FCC.


  • Resolved an issue where proration via the API would not trigger when set.
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Powercode Release 22.02.17 [STABLE]


  • Set all failed payments in the payment queue to canceled status to account for recent billing changes. When a manual payment is made any failed payments will be canceled. This is the retroactive approach to account for that new process.
  • Resolved an issue where manual ACH payments would credit a second time during daily billing.
  • Updated billing process to spawn multiple payment processes to decrease the overall billing runtime.
  • Removed the “#” from cash payment’s description #2647


  • Added the select for the census year on the FCC 477 report. #2620
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Pre-Installs Without Installs report to not show any results. #2656

Navigation Menu

  • Added back the SAML/SSO navigation menu option.

Equipment Details

  • Updated the wording of the open-access list tab. #2648


  • Release BETA integration of openSRS.


  • Resolved an issue with authorization if on a version of 6.43.


  • Resolved an issue when downloading the minute-by-minute Saisei graph by upgrading Highcharts to better handle larger data sets. #2654


  • Resolved an issue where clicking edit on any shaping rule would result in the error message page. #2612

Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue where the mobile view was not filtering services that are not viewable to the web user. #2659

Customer Portal

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the customer security code from appearing on the customer portal when enabled.
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