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Release 19.16.20 [Stable]


  • Fixed signature output on Contracts.

Schedule Live View

  • Resolved several issues where newly created jobs would disappear from the schedule.
  • Resolved an issue where editing a job that was not yet saved would send it to the workbench.
  • Optimized workbench items and saving schedules to boost Schedule Live View performance.
  • Resolved an issue where routes for installers would always start at the System Address.

Customer Overview

  • Resolved some issues where custom fields would not properly display inline with legacy values.

Installer Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue with the map defaulting to the wrong location.
  • Resolved an issue where icons would not properly display in the install mobile view


  • Resolved issues with the Account Class Report not properly identifying card types for new payments.


  • New ability to add custom rate multipliers values.
  • Game downloads is now nested under the “updates” groups.
  • Updated default rate multipliers to be in line with Saisei defaults.
  • Resolved issues where some rate multipliers would not properly convert before updating in Saisei.
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