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Release 16.09.28

New Features

  • Job Completion Email – An email is now sent to all people (with the proper permission) upon job completion.
  • Manage Contacts in Installer View – Manage customer contacts in the installer mobile view.
  • Mobile Equipment Details – View Equipment Details from the installer mobile view.
  • Mobile ISP Only Description – View ISP Service Description on the installer mobile view.
  • Mobile View Reprobe – Reprobe equipment from the installer mobile view.
  • Queue Contracts from Installer View – Queue contracts from the installer mobile view.
  • Sign Contract from Installer View – Sign queued contracts via installer mobile view on your installer tablet or mobile phone.
  • Updated Customer Jobs from Installer View – See all “Upcoming/In Progress/Completed” jobs while viewing the customer page in installer mobile view.

Bug Fixes

  • Equipment Duplicated Name Error – The previously ambiguous error now states that the error is from a duplicated equipment name.
  • Inventory Duplicate MAC – When an item was deleted, the Inventory system wouldn’t allow a new item with that MAC to be added.
  • Inventory Equipment Filter/Sort – Equipment filter in Inventory now filters and sorts by Equipment ID, rather than Equipment Name.
  • Mobile View Customer Job Back Button – Pressing the back button now sends user back to correct date on the calendar.
  • Network Site Searching – Searching using the top bar would previously result in a blank page.
  • Parent Child – Rather than stating “No entries found”, adding a parent now lists the proper possible parents.
  • Slow Customer Emails – Customer emails have been given a dramatic speed boost.
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Release 16.09.21

System Changes

  • Networking Optimization – Improved performance of networking features.

New Features

  • Custom Customer Alerts – You can now make admin facing customer alerts using the same filters as Mass Email. Found under Accounts -> Custom Customer Alerts.
  • Inventory Consumables – Track nuts, bolts, zip-ties, and more.
  • Inventory Filters – Live search through inventory using any column(s).
  • Inventory History – An entire history log for items and product.
  • Inventory Mass Edit/Delete – Change more than one item at the same time by checking a box on the left side of the inventory table.
  • Inventory Mass Move – Move many devices from one assignee to another.
  • Inventory Minimum Stock Level Emails – Notification emails when products go below their Minimum Stock Level.
  • Inventory Quantity Graphing – Graph the quantity of in stock and deployed products.
  • Inventory to Equipment Association – Select MAC Address from Inventory by Stock Location when adding equipment.
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Release 16.09.15

Bug Fixes

  • Customer Custom Data Fields – Editing Customer Custom Data Fields no longer results in a blank screen.
  • Network Complete Map – Complete Map was no longer visible under certain conditions. Under all conditions, the complete map is visible now.
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Release 16.09.01

New Features

  • Archive Customer – You can now archive a customer. Archived customers are no longer displayed in the Powercode system.
  • FCC Form 477 State Selection – Allows users to select specific states to include in FCC report.

Bug Fixes

  • Device Probe – Device probes that are given a new manufacture, no longer default back to generic.
  • FCC Form 477 Deployment Report – Fixes FCC 477 deployment report to use the upload speed from the same service as the fastest download, rather than fastest upload available in the block.
  • FCC Form 477 Export Report Firefox – Fixes file names of FCC reports exported from Firefox.
  • Hide ECheck – If an ECheck is not enabled in the payment gateway, it will not give you the option to add one in billing.
  • Network Complete Map – Complete Map is still visible if there are no customers/network sites.
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