Release 18.08.06 [Beta]


  • New Powercode Patching system. Within Powercode on the Upgrade page, you can now install Patches that have been deployed by Powercode. New patches will appear once they become available, and will be able to be applied to your Powercode system with the click of a button.
    • With this feature, you will no longer have to wait for a release or even have to perform a full upgrade to your system just to get minor bugs fixed.  As soon as we fix and verify internally, they will become available to you.
  • New Powercode Upgrade page. The redesigned upgrade page now allows you to load current and most recent patch notes directly on the Upgrade page. In addition, you can now Reschedule and Cancel an upgrade that has been scheduled – allowing you maximum flexibility on when your upgrade occurs.


  • PCQ no longer attempts to set the rate to 0 incorrectly.
  • Removed non-limited Equipment from all queues and redirects.
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Release 18.08.03 [Beta]


  • We explicitly tell Saisei hosts are NOT dynamic to make sure the STM doesn’t forget which customer the host is assigned to.
  • Updated application signatures and lists. Including much better handling of Microsoft updates.
  • Created a ‘game-downloads’ application group and moved relevant applications into this group to separate game play vs game downloads.


  • MikroTik ‘burst in’ speeds were being confused with max speeds, this has been corrected.


  • Ticketing action buttons will now properly activate on iOS devices.


  • Backups now are configured to be stored for X days, old configurations based on weeks have been automatically converted to the correct number of days.


  • An issue where you were unable to edit Contact’s addresses has been resolved.
  • Credit card automatic payment status now shows on the Customer Portal and is no longer affected by unrelated configuration options.
  • Customer Group has been added as a configurable required field to the Add Customer Wizard.
  • Sending mass notifications now properly loads customers by IP Range. It was previously indicating an incorrect number of recipients.
  • Customer status changes now properly trigger the internal email alert.
  • Download links for files should work correctly now.


  • Deleted inventory locations no longer appear as a valid return location when deleting equipment from a customer.
  • Inventory products can now be sorted by quantity.


  • Added in missing network sites to the multi-day schedule.
  • Tech time sheets will no longer attempt to autofill a date over the date selector.
  • Added a ‘Recalculate Drive Time’ button on individual jobs. Allowing you to manually confirm drive times on a per job basis.


  • Added the ability to customize invoice messages and stub message font sizes.


  • We now avoid a case where you might accidentally refund a single payment multiple times.
  • When setting a Temporary Grace Period for a customer that is already delinquent, the customer’s internet service will now automatically be re-activated.
  • One-time credits should no longer be labeled as Monthly Discounts.
  • Permission groups were not properly being taken into account when applying one-time credits, this has been fixed.
  • The financial dashboard ARPU total was not accounting for 0 cost price overrides, we have updated the dashboard to now account for this.


  • Customer Tax Zone now saves properly when updating a Customer through the API.


  • Updated the way we handle probe responses to resolve issues with Equipment Monitor graphs not displaying correctly.
  • Validation errors now show properly when editing or adding a BMU.


  • The groups tab is no longer persistently hidden when adding new services.
  • Updated services custom fields to fix some display issues.
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Release 18.07.16 [Stable]


  • Saving a BMU will no longer trigger validation that is not associated with the BMU being saved. This would sometimes prevent BMUs from saving properly.


  • One-Time services will now pull available services set to “All” groups. Prior, it would only pull groups set specifically to the WebUser’s viewable group.
  • When cancelling modifying a service, Powercode will no longer try to validate the input fields.

Baicells Integration

  • When adding any non-baicells services customers will no longer be deactivated in BOSS.

CnMaestro Integration

  • Loading access point statistics now attempts to load CnMaestro data using a Mac offset, which should resolve issues with the statistics not loading.
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Release 18.07.06 [Stable]

Billing Updates

  • Late Fee – You can now specify when the late fee is applied (X Days After Due), and it no longer is forced to be simultaneous with the account delinquency and shut off.

Monitoring Updates

  • Fixed a few issues with data not being fully collected for graphing purposes, causing no graphs or graphs with chunks missing. The most apparant place being the BMU throughput graph.

Interface Updates

We’re making our way through Powercode and giving various pages some much needed facelifts by implementing a more modern UI. You’ll see us do some basic pages first. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for the more forefront pages. Keep an eye out.

  • Re-skinned Customer Balance Detail report.
  • Re-skinned Add/Edit Service page.
  • Re-skinned Add/Edit RMU page.
  • Customer files now sort by filename as the default.
  • Updated several alignment aspects on the BMU Statistics page.
  • Long descriptions no longer go off the screen in the transaction log.

Report Updates

  • New SubAccount Class report has been added.
  • Added missing datepicker selector to the Account and Account Class reports.
  • Avoids a case where FCC Form 477 would fail to correctly obtain new FIPS information.
  • FCC doesn’t like how accurate Powercode’s GPS data can be sometimes when looking up a census block; so we now send it only 5 decimals in the latitude and longitude.
  • CustomerID no longer opens the transaction history from the Account Class report.

Saisei Integration

  • Version shown in Powercode now updates when Saisei is syncronized.
  • New applications and signatures added to catch more streaming.
  • Added the ability to manage Policies from within Powercode.
  • Added the ability to manage Policies within each rate plan along with their assured, restricted, and rate multiplier settings.
  • If any equipment on a customer was set to ignore rate limiting, all equipment on that customer wouldn’t get rate limited. This is fixed and the ate limit setting is now honored per device as expected.
  • Updated the way Powercode actually creates signatures in Saisei to account for existing, custom signatures.
  • Hosts without an access point now get set to ‘<none>’ instead of being empty. This helps with some edge cases that caused issues.
  • Powercode will no longer delete a rate plan from Saisei. It is not necessary to do so and avoids some weirdness on the STM if a rogue host is still attached to that rate plan.
  • Validation was added when setting ‘Internal Subnets’ on the edit RMU page to make sure empty lines were treated as such.
  • Slave BMUs will no longer go into a ‘Bad’ status simply because a service was edited and pushed to Saisei.
  • Tons of stability improvements across the board with various data syncing between Powercode and Saisei.

Preseem Integration

  • Added ability to add Preseem as an RMU – You will NEED to do this if you use Preseem, else some Preseem related functions will stop working.
  • Enabled functionality for bandwidth gathering from Preseem.

cnMaestro Integration

We’ve more or less integrated everything cnMaestro allows us to integrate. We should have some historical graphs showing in a future release soon.

  • Created new view for Access Points.
  • Created new view for Subscriber Modules.
  • Optimize API queries when looking at a single client.
  • Added ability to reboot a device with a button click in Powercode.
  • UI Updates
  • Event Log data is now sorted properly by time.
  • Avoided a case where the API might fail to connect.
  • If a device is ‘Offline’, we now hide the reboot button.
  • For ePMP devices, we will try to display data based on either the Wireless MAC address or the Ethernet MAC address, regardless of which one you enter in Powercode.

Procera Integration

  • Updated data types sent from Powercode to accomodate more recent versions of PRE.

Baicells Integration

  • Update some validation related to API credentials existing or not existing.

Customer Portal

  • Customers will now see a success page when completing a payment in the Customer Portal; provided it was successful.
  • Avoided a case where timestamps might not show properly in the Customer Portal.
  • A warning will now pop up if a customer tries to pay more than their balance from the Customer Portal.
  • Updated SMS opt-in checkbox in the Customer Portal to save more reliably.
  • Some missing data in the database will no longer cause issues when adding credit cards through the Customer Portal.

Misc New Features / Enhancements

  • New trigger for internal emails for customer status changes.
  • Search now retains search results even when interrupted by a logout/expired session.
  • ISP Description field is no longer a required field in the add/edit services page.
  • Disabled Network Sites no longer appear in related selectors.
  • Customer Alerts no longer default to all customers when you didn’t want them to.
  • Event logs for address changes properly label latitude and longitude.
  • View On Map feature from Network Sites now correctly takes you to the right page.
  • Fixed a case where archiving a customer through a scheduled event wouldn’t fully archive that customer.
  • Network Site files will fully delete now rather than leaving remnants on the server.
  • BMU Event Logs sort properly by time again.
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Release 18.06.29 [Beta]

System Changes

  • Powercode no longer deletes rate plans from Saisei as it causes unexpected behavior and deleting them from Saisei is not necessary.
  • We set hosts without an access point relationship in Saisei to ‘<none>’  to avoid some unexpected behavior.

Bug Fixes

  • Customer Alerts no longer push to all users in some cases.
  • We no longer flag Baicells credentials as missing if they’re not actually missing.
  • Disabled Network Sites no longer appear in related selectors.


  • Simply opening the edit RMU page will no longer cause the RMU to show as out of sync.
  • More reliably push signatures into Saisei from Powercode.
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Release 18.06.26 [Beta]


  • New SubAccountClass report has been added to the Report Dashboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Saisei policies and rate multipliers now push properly to the STM.
  • Updating services with Saisei no longer causes Slave BMUs to kick off into a bad status.
  • Reversed upstream and downstream rate multipliers to match the correct field.
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Release 18.06.25 [Beta]

Bug Fixes

  • Overage services didn’t always update new values properly, this has been fixed.
  • Missing config values no longer prevent customers from adding Credit Cards in the Customer Portal.
  • A case where graphs would fail to record SNMP data has been fixed.
  • Twilio Opt-In from the Customer Portal will now toggle correctly.


  • Added internal subnet validation when saving.
  • ISP Description is no longer a required field when adding a service.
  • Non-default tabs were showing on page load for services, these are now hidden.
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Release 18.06.21 [Beta]

New Features

  • New redesigned Add / Edit BMU page.
  • Preseem BMU – added the ability to add Preseem as a BMU.

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes to graphing including certain probes not graphing, BMU throughput not graphing properly, and graphs missing chunks of data.
  • Services will no longer fail to delete if FCC data is attached to it.
  • Validation errors when saving a service will now display an alert only once.


  • Added missing datepicker selector to the account and account class reports.
  • Added preseem bandwidth gathering endpoint to the API.
  • Added an internal email event trigger when a customer status changes.
  • Customer files now sort by filename as default.
  • Updated several alignment aspects on the BMU Statistics page.
  • Updated Saisei to show the correct version string.
  • Updated Saisei Application list.
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Saisei STM Update 7.2 9617

  • Improvements to configuration wizard – added the setting of Ubuntu and STM passwords to the default accounts for increased security.
  • Password security improvements: config wizard forces CLI/GUI/Rest and shell passwords to be changed, to something not readily guessable.
  • Fix problems with changing system name, which could lead to the system becoming inconsistent.
  • Support history collection and analysis for all users, up to 20,000.
  • Improve built-in packet capture facility.
  • Fix some problems with traffic accounting in complex configurations, which could lead to traffic being counted twice and to limits being applied incorrectly.
  • Allow 32 bit Autonomous System numbers, previously the STM only handled 16 bit values
  • Correct the flow counts associated with policy entries
  • P2P applications were being incorrectly identified and placed in other application groups, this has been corrected.
  • FTP transfers were being incorrectly identified, the initial handshake was correct however the data transfer phase was not, this has now been corrected
  • Heavy traffic loads together with heavy REST usage triggered system reloads, this is now fixed
  • The behavior for packet forwarding when using a LAG interface has been changed, originally packets were “rebumped” and could perhaps be sent out on an interface not associated with the BITW port pair that the inbound packet was accepted on. The behavior is now changed to always send packets on the egress interface linked directly to the ingress interface.
  • Correct an error when creating user specific applications. The REST documentation allows a user to create a wildcarded application to capture all applicaations containing the wild carded string, perhaps there are several entries in the application tables containing the string “”, the user merely needs to create a new application with the server string to capture all such entries. This was not working correctly and has been corrected.
  • Due to a cabling error where Internal and External cables were swapped a crash was observed which was discovered to be associated with the system running out of Egress Flow Class table entries, the software was found not to return an error state and hence caused a crash. The error return has now been corrected.
  • Poor REST API performance has been observed at an installation and found to be associated with an excessive number of internal hosts being created, partially due to inbuilt processing
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