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Release 17.01.26

New Features

  • Click to Edit Notes – Added ability to click on the text box in customer overview to edit notes
  • Complete Jobs CSV – Added CSV export to completed jobs
  • Report Dashboard – Created a Report Dashboard to easily view and search reports and create custom reports

Bug Fixes

  • Auto IP Out of Range – Fixed inaccurate count of free IP Addresses
  • BMU IP Address Ranges – Fixed overlapping BMU address ranges
  • Contract Table Header – Replaced Last Modified header with accurate header
  • Email Queue Not Clearing – Stopped emails with no ‘To’ address from piling up in mail queue
  • Equipment Parent Child – Fixed equipment from becoming the parent of its parent
  • Invoice Message – Fixed invoice message field not saving empty message
  • Ipifony Price Override – Fixed price override for Powercode prices
  • Job Completion Photo Rotation – Fixed completion photo orientation when photos are taken in mobile view
  • Job Notes Edit Permission – Fixed permission check for editing job notes
  • Merged Ticket – Fixed Ticket Attachment on merged tickets
  • Mobile View Price Override – Added a check for price override in customer services in mobile view
  • Open Access List IPs – Fixed duplicate open access IPs
  • Procera Queue – Fixed Procera queue failing due to incorrect math
  • Queue Canopy Speed Updater – Rewrote Radio Speed Updater Queue to be more efficient
  • Scheduled Job Notes – Fixed quotes from being removed from job notes
  • System Checklist Tim – Fixed incorrect system checklist time
  • Ticket Type/Category – Added validation when adding ticket categories and types
  • User Schedule Override – Fixed width for user schedules and retrieved override times
  • User Validation – Added validation when adding a user


  • Add Service Form – Added layout to Add Service form
  • Alphabetize Address Ranges – Alphabetized address ranges in add/edit/transfer equipment forms
  • Bank Transactions Import – Added and saved descriptions to Bank Transaction Format and sort payments by most recent at the top
  • Billing Time – Added the time billing started/ended
  • Bing Maps Popup – Updated Bing Map popup
  • Custom Fields Sorting – Sorted all custom fields alphabetically
  • Customer Logs Redesign – Redesigned the customer logs page
  • Customer Portal Payment Sorting – Sorted transactions in customer portal by date instead of event
  • Default User For Ticket – Added current user as the default user assigned to a ticket when creating a new ticket from the ticket page
  • Edit User Alert – Added an alert when selecting Not Active from user add/edit page
  • Improved Contract Template – Improved adding html in contract to better suit all use cases
  • Invoice Date Text Before Invoice Date – Added the text ‘Invoice Date:’ before invoice date
  • Job Completion Icon – Added a job completion icon to Schedule Live View
  • Job Template Minutes Validation – Added validation for minutes in job template
  • Merge Tickets Confirmation Message – Added a confirmation message stating merging tickets cannot be undone
  • Probe Graph Sorting – Sorted probe graphs on equipment page alphabetically
  • Switching Tech Group Warning – Switching a job between tech groups now throws a warning
  • Tower Coverage Submission – Billing data is more accurately retrieved when account is created by Tower Coverage submission
  • Update Contract Template System Log Entry – Added different text based on if the name is updated or not
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