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Release 18.10.16 [Beta]

Powercode System Updates

  • Changed how we load available patches to avoid loading incompatible patches.


  • We now strip non numeric characters from phone numbers before sending them to BOSS to avoid odd behavior.


  • Fixed a validation issue that would result in multiple accounts being created accidentally.
  • When managing service areas, we were being too strict on validation which resulted in some states not being able to be created if they were new to your system.


  • We now add the entire parent/child tree into Saisei so long as only a single parent exists for a device.
  • Fixed a case where slow plans were not being applied properly.

Scheduled Events

  • When creating a service related event, we now show you the ‘ISP Description’ field as well so you know which service you are selecting if you have multiple that share the same main name.
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Release 18.10.04 [Beta]


  • Added a new CVV input field for Credit Card capture. This includes a reworked Moneris integration, which opens up support for CVV Codes as well as added support for logging responses from the Moneris gateway.

For Moneris users: It is important that you do not update until you have found your API key and are able to quickly switch it out in Powercode after successfully updating to this version.¬†This gateway will no logner use Moneris’ DirectPost integration, but their API Integration – as such you will need update your API Token. Once logged into your Moneris Merchant Resource Center, navigate to Admin > Store Settings. Copy your API Token into Powercode’s Config > Billing & Payments > Payment Gateway.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Access Point information from being synced to the Saisei.


  • Resolved several indexing issues that were resulting in longer than expected load times for Equipment.
  • You can no longer attempt to transfer Equipment to a non-existent customer.
  • Some backhaul fields were not displaying as expected and should now appear properly.

Elevation Profile

  • Pending Network Sites will now show with a yellow icon, to differentiate between normal network sites.


  • We now flag all cookies created by Powercode as Secure to keep up with new PCI scan items.
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