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Powercode Release 20.09.29 [Beta]

Mobile Search Bar

Added mobile support to allow searches while in mobile view.


Resolved an issue where editing a piece of equipment would result in errors on the account.

Schedule Live View

Calendar is now fixed height to allow easier switching between months.

Technician Schedules

Resolved an issue with the form not closing when saving schedule overrides.

Installer Status Widget

Resolved an issue where jobs were not displaying in the widget.

Session Timer

Session timer now also displays seconds.

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Powercode Release 20.09.17 [Beta]

Installer Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue where installer mobile view wouldn’t load properly.


  • Moved admin mode navigation permission to the group membership tab.


  • Resolved an issue where special characters in device type names would prevent saving equipment.


  • Resolved an issue where down accounts link woudn’t resolve.


  • Resolved an issue where the networks-> notifiers page wouldn’t load properly.
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Powercode 20.09.09 Release [Beta]


We have made some significant updates and improvements to v20! In addition to adding a sleek and stylish new interface we have moved the global menu to a left sidebar for content maximization on widescreen devices. Plus, we’ve introduced Work and Admin Mode into the menu to streamline users activities in Powercode. When the menu is set to Work Mode only the features relevant to the daily tasks of a user are displayed. When Admin Mode is selected then the settings or configs for that feature are displayed. All individual permissions settings remain the same. On upgrade, only the Owner or Admin permissions groups will have Admin Mode enabled. To enable it for other permissions groups select Admin Mode at the bottom of the menu, then Config, then Permissions, choose the permissions group to be edited, then from Admin Mode Permission select Allow. Another notable change is the Items global menu category has been removed and all links distributed under their relevant feature groups. 

We believe these changes will improve efficiency, lower training time and improve overall use of our solution by making navigation of our vast featureset more intuitive.

Add Customer Wizard

  • New redesigned add customer wizard!
  • New geographical address auto-fill functionality.
  • New address formatting suggestions / guidelines when geocoding.
  • New ability to auto-select tax zone based on address (or prompt to do so).
  • New configuration options to hide / show several customer-specific fields.
  • Fixed an issue where new accounts would sometimes not be created successfully and redirect to a blank page.
  • Resolved an issue where you couldn’t add Discover cards from the Add Customer Wizard.


  • New SSO / SAML authentication integration – this allows connecting to Google or other third party SSO applications to authenticate Admin Portal Users with Powercode.


  • New ability to delete or retry payments in the payment queue directly through the user interface.
  • Updated taxes to remove “Tax -” to allow them for use of percentage based fees and charges.
  • Resolved an issue where zero dollar tax amounts would show up on invoices (for any tax matrix that included a 0% charge).
  • Pending payments verification now only apply to BankAccount payments.
  • Updated ACH with linebreaks and fill name to properly reflect its NACHA format.
  • Updated the Payment Form to automatically select a custom if only 1 customer is found via name search.
  • Resolved an issue where Moneris refunds would not always complete successfully.
  • Resolved any remaining issues where CreditCard payments would be labelled as “other” in the Account Class Report.
  • Fixed an issue in which attempting to pay whole number amounts would sometimes result in an invalid amount error.
  • Re-added missing “#” character when submitting manual check payments.
  • Resolved an issue where FTP invoices would fail to send invoices to the configured location properly.


  • System performance and efficiency improvements of up to 300%.
  • New modern based theme / skin for Powercode.
  • New work / admin mode menu toggle (for limiting the clutter of the administrative side of Powercode).
  • New cache-busting core functionality on upgrades (to avoid having to clear it after certain upgrades).
  • New (truly) global dark theme.
  • New charts styling, giving it a “cool blue” feel.
  • New default error handing page (telling you something when wrong when it did).
  • Added logging to system email changes (for better transparency in audits).
  • Updated logging mechanisms for emails and various outbound requests to be more verbose.
  • Resolved some issue with tooltips not display properly or breaking at odd points.
  • Fixed some features from not enabling / disabling properly.


  • New custom fields for inventory!
  • Fixed an issue where deleted inventory would be included in the MSL email report.


  • New feature added to be able to track time spent on tickets.
  • New ability to specify whether incoming tickets should be marked as customer view-able or not.
  • Added new log entry when removing watchers from a ticket.
  • Watchers added to a ticket will now display their human readable Username instead of ID.
  • Resolved any remaining issues where ticket bodies or messages would come through as empty or blank.
  • Resolved an issue where Server+ tickets wouldn’t be assigned to the appropriate group.


  • New ability to specify a custom port to communicate with for MikroTik routers.
  • Resolved an issue where relay settings would not save properly.

Powercode VMU

  • New feature Option 82 support in conjunction with the Powercode VMU (Firmware v0.5.3).

Complete Map

  • Re-added the ability to hide or show network sites and links.
  • Re-skinned popups for network sites and customers.
  • Updated network links on the Complete Map to display even if monitoring is disabled (will display a grey neutral link between sites).

Elevation Profile

  • New ability to display active customers on the elevation profile map.

Customer Overview

  • New ability to view used data out of total monthly allowed megabytes on the Customer Overview.
  • Added missing permissions checks for Tasks in the customer overview.
  • Added ticket type selection when creating new tickets from the Customer Overview.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new service to a customer account would not properly queue the associated contract.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a VoIP service would redirect to a blank page when adding them to a customer account.
  • Show Tel Link option will now properly show or hide the telephone link on the Contact Overview page as well.
  • Updated the Customer Portal to not display “Jan 1970” as a due date if no invoices had been created for an account.
  • Fixed some issues with image thumbnails that would not display properly.


  • Updating device types for Equipment now also automatically updates their corresponding SNMP information.
  • Resolved an issue where saving equipment with blank unique custom fields would prevent you from saving as expected.
  • Non-numeric results will no longer skew Equipment Probe graphs and will no longer graph those values or include them in probe average calculations.
  • Resolved an issue where parent child links would display green even if their status is unknown (it will now display the unknown grey).


  • New feature to allow the custom categorization of services on invoices (editable from the update services page).
  • Added the adjustments account class as a displayable line item on invoices.
  • Added dd/MM/YYYY as a formatting option for invoices.
  • Resolved an issue where invoices manually sent to customers would always send in English instead of their preferred locale.
  • Resolved an issue where initial account activation emails would not properly include their initial invoice if configured to do so.


  • New readContact API endpoint.
  • Added address fields to the createContact API endpoint.
  • Added ability to specify a Guarantor and externalAccountID when adding or updating a customer through the API.

Customer Portal

  • Added configuration option to allow or disallow the modification of customer details in the Customer Portal (phone number, address, etc).
  • Updated the Contract Redirection button on the Customer Overview to have more contrast.
  • Fixed an issue where the drop down toggles wouldn’t function properly on the Customer Portal configuration page.
  • Resolved an issue where prevent excess configuration wasn’t being checked for properly in the Customer Portal.

Custom Alerts

  • Updating the category now resets the subcategory selection list for Custom Alerts.

Network Sites

  • New custom fields for Network Sites – allowing the addition of custom input and data fields when viewing and editing network sites.
  • Updated sites to include “pending” when adding a new site.
  • Fixed an issue where the states would not update properly when changing countries when adding or editing a network site.
  • Added new permission and functionality to be able to delete a Network Site. Note: all equipment must be transferred off the site before it will allow you to do so.


  • Jobs that are already scheduled will now display properly when refreshing or re-loading schedule live view after creating a new job.
  • Resolved an issue with the prevent email notifications button when completing a job from functioning properly.
  • Fixed issues not being able to filter the pending jobs list in Schedule Live View in Safari browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where you could overlap time blocks for users.


  • Added “all” as an option for radius status selection to quickly allow selecting every status.
  • Added ability to set a Customer’s status with “PC_” as a Radius attribute.


  • Updated base Equipment search to automatically search for Customer Fields associated with Equipment.


  • New redesigned user Profile Page that includes global Powercode statistics, recent usage, and improved layout.
  • Optimized how web user profile icons were being loaded in the WebUsers list to avoid slow loading issues.

Google Calendar

  • Resolved an issue where one failed google calendar push event would prevent any subsequent calendar events from being updated – the subsequent events will now process as expected.

Installer Mobile View

  • Fixed some issues where icons would not display properly.
  • Removed some duplicate MAC address fields from displaying.

FCC Form 477

  • New VoIP data and export options added to the Form 477 report.


  • Resolved an issue where some multibrand customers would receive an email for each brand available in the system.

Track Your Truck

  • Resolved an issue where some multibrand customers would receive an email for each brand available in the system.


  • Updated TowerCoverage leads to properly honor Customer Wizard Defaults (these will now pull the proper default tax zone).


  • Fixed a bug where the upgrade page would not recognize 12:00 as midnight.


  • Resolved issues where you could not load the financial dashboard in Firefox.
  • Resolved an issue where the Twilio Event Log would not properly update the number of filtered records.
  • Resolved an issue where amounts would be graphed 1 day off in the Summarized Deposits report.


  • Added some follow up checks to resolve remaining issues with some types of CnMaestro pages not displaying properly.

Address Ranges

  • You can now export the address range list as expected.
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