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Release 16.04.28

New Features

  • Append to Job – Can add additional information to job after completion.
  • Follow Up Email – Email sent on follow up date for ticket to all invested WebUsers.

Bug Fixes

  • Aged Account Receivable – Totals are added correctly to old accounts.
  • Custom Charge – Charge only occurs once when clicking add.
  • Drop Down Menus – Fixed drop down textboxes appearing under text fields.
  • Edit System Emails Checkbox – Boxes stay checked when adding system email.
  • Imported Bank Transaction – Fixed data not being added in every other row.
  • Revamped Form Submission – Pressing enter on forms now submits input rather than canceling action.
  • Services By Group – All services available by group load correctly when adding customer.
  • Ticket Reply Text Color – When adding a reply text color is now black.


  • Invoice Email Log – Adds customer log when sending customer invoice.
  • More Tool Tip – Re-added hover tool tip to customer logs.
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Release 16.04.14

New Features

  • Cambium 450 Zero-Touch Configuration – You can activate Cambium Zero-Touch at Config -> System Configuration -> System.

Bug Fixes

  • ACH Batch Download – When selecting the first ACH Batch, it will download.
  • Add Customer Wizard Group Based Services – When selecting a customer group, it will show the services limited to that group more instant than previous revisions.
  • Contact Details Alignment – When viewing contacts, the labels are aligned with the values (name, address, etc).
  • Contract HTML – Contract PDF’s now support HTML.
  • Device URL Address Range Migration – Upon migrating Address Ranges, Equipment now retains it’s protocol setting.
  • Limited Installer Scope – Fixed the Limited Installer Scope still allowing limited installers through under certain circumstances.
  • Mirror Groups – BMUs in mirror groups will view and push the proper ranges to the proper BMUs.
  • Multi-line Invoice Transactions – Invoice Debits/Credits now support more than 1 line.
  • Query Based Reporting Summary – Summary now works on Query Based Reporting.
  • Schedule Live View Optimization – Schedule Live View has been optimized to stop issues with slowness after it has been open for long periods of time.
  • Ticket Action Re-population – Ticket Types and Contact now repopulate in the actions menu.
  • Ticket Filter By Group – Filtering by groups now shows the correct tickets in the correct statuses.
  • Ticket Template Submit Buttons – Upon selecting a ticket template, the submit/cancel buttons would previously lose their text.
  • Ticket Templates Table Headers – Changes have been made to allow for Table Headers in canned replies.
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