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Powercode 18.02.16 Release [Stable]

This stable release is the first stable release since 18.01.11. Some of the highlights include:

  • 4 New Webhooks.
  • New SMS Schedule Job Reminder Notifications.
  • Customer-specific System and Template Emails were added so you can now send System Emails to an individual customer, as well as select templates from which to draft individual customer emails.
  • MailXStream Double-Sided Printing and customizable margin sizes have been added.
  • You can now create Custom Alerts on a per-customer basis.
  • Created Customer Tags to help identify and tag customers!
  • Added a range of options to better control who, what, and where customers can make payments.
  • New Ticket feature to allow you to set up ticket parent / child relationships.
  • Ticket Email History option has been added, which allows you to append the ticket history to emails.
  • Lots of love has been added to MikroTik.
  • Various bugfixes and enhancements to make the Powercode experience better!

Be sure to check out everything that’s been added! In addition to these couple changes:


  • Fixed display issue causing overlap when printing tickets.
  • Removed legacy icons that were floating on-screen for elevation profile maps.
  • Fixed an issue where customers failed to complete the archive process.


  • Added difference between line of sight and elevation in the Elevation Profile.
  • Changed default MikroTik queue to Red.
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Powercode 18.02.12 Release [Beta]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing bandwidth usage emails from going out.
  • Equipment custom fields now load their selected value by default on edit.
  • Inventory CSV exports will no longer try to open as .sylk files.
  • Fixed an issue causing 999 to display as a customer’s grace period.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Customer Overview to stall on load.


  • Added ticket priority default value to Ticket Settings.
  • Added Fax as a phone type.
  • Added the option to set a custom delimiter for Bank Imports, Cdr Imports.
  • Renamed Tax Header on invoices to Taxes Surcharges and Fees.

MikroTik Specific Changes:

  • Can set queue types for upload, download and total – available in “Edit BMU Details”.
  • Queues are now customer based, with all customer equipment in one queue element.
  • Default queue type has been changed from “default-small” to “default”.
  • MikroTik interface has been changed from an text input to a drop-down specific to each MikroTik.
  • Interface is no longer required for non-DHCP address ranges and has been moved back in to DHCP options.
  • MikroTik Interface will no longer appear unless address range is on or mirrored to a MikroTik.
  • If an interface is required but not found, elements that require that interface will be skipped over instead of halting synchronize.
  • Information is no longer pushed to the MikroTik if nothing has changed.
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