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Google Maps

Beta release 19.12.05 brings the long anticipated introduction of Google Maps to Powercode. Many new features like street view are added to all mapping elements of Powercode from the Complete Map, to the Schedule Live View and of course the Elevation Profile. The complete map now allows you to filter customer results by not just status, but multiple combinations including equipment status, device type, customer groups and customer tags. Once filtered a polygon, square or circle can be drawn on the map around a set of accounts which can then be exported to a csv.

On the schedule live view you’ll notice a new button in the upper left “Optomize Drive Time” with the current driving time displayed. Clicking on “Optomize Drive Time” will rearrange an installer’s schedule to the most efficient way to lay out their day. We’ve also updated the icons be better display how the day is progressing

To take advantage of these features as well as the new element’s we’ll continue to build upgrade to Beta 19.12.05. Before you do a Google API key must be created. Follow the directions here to set this up.

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Release 19.11.26 [Closed Beta]

Add Customer Wizard

  • Added the ability to set SMS Preference in the Add Customer Wizard.
  • Moved minimum security questions configuration from the System Configuration to the Add Customer Wizard.

Customer Overview

  • Fixed “View on Map” link to properly load customer location.
  • Resolved an issue preventing users to open the SMS page.
  • Re-applied a fix to prevent delinquency dates on the overview from displaying longer than expected.
  • Sending a customer email will continue to retain the “from” email address, as it did previously.

Complete Map

  • Updated initial load to only load minimal network information to boost initial load (customers will now load in the background).
  • Added loading overlay to the Complete Map.
  • Fixed filter on Tower Sites “Show Customers on Pop”.
  • Resolved issues where special characters in filter names would prevent those filters from properly applying.
  • Renamed “Reset” to “Clear” for filters.
  • Removed default “Active” and “Delinquent” statuses from the active filter list on page load (to be in-line with how it functioned previously).
  • Added missing truck data and location markers to the Complete Map.


  • Resolved a display mismatch between the limit on a ticket attachment and what you could actually upload (50M vs 100M).

Elevation Profile

  • Added automatic redrawing for the Elevation Profile when the tower frequency changes.

Schedule Live View

  • Fixed job work order downloads from Schedule Live View.
  • Fixed issues transferring items between the workbench and standby lists.
  • Fixed issues with jobs not updating properly.
  • Fixed an overlay issue where the time marker would display above the map.
  • Fixed new jobs scheduled through the Customer Overview not showing up in the workbench.
  • Fixed an issue preventing jobs from being able to be dragged onto the last installer for a day.
  • Re-added latest status to Trucks in Schedule Live view as an overlay.

Installer Mobile View

  • Updated the default installer mobile view location to default to the Company Address.


  • Resolved issues not associating manual credit card payments with their appropriate card type (visa, mastercard, etc).


  • Transferring equipment to a non-existent customer or network location will now present you with an error, instead of allowing you to do so.
  • Added increased security measures in place for issues in which networks with inconsistent network connectivity to their BMUs would report improperly and cause data spikes to occur.


  • Added missing “slowed” service speeds for Preseem – customers who have this feature enabled in Powercode will now properly see customer’s speeds slowed through Preseem.
  • Updated Preseem to resolve a situation in which a customer might still have equipment on their account, but do not have active service, and were still receiving service.


  • Resolved issues with logs improperly stacking file names.
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