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Customer Billing Notes

Customer Billing Notes on the Overview is a great place to leave information. It’s easily visible from the moment you open a customer’s account.

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Powercode 17.12.27 Release [Beta]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customer notes displaying /r/n.
  • Fixed an issue where previous customer payments would sometimes not appear on invoices.
  • Fixed duplicate username error from pointing to a Contact when username exists on a WebUser.
  • Fixed an issue where DHCP options were not pushing for CnPilot R201P and ReadyNet AC1200MS.
  • Fixed post-delinquent customers from showing delinquency date on the Customer Overview.
  • Fixed empty addresses in Customer Lists.
  • Fixed non-utf-8 chars being encoded in Customer Call Logs.
  • Fixed elevation profile map resetting position when location is manually moved.
  • Fixed default credit card expiration in the customer portal from dating in the past. It now defaults to 3 years from the current month.
  • Fixed some bank accounts from adding extra \ characters on save.
  • Fixed breadcrumb link in the Account Class Report pointing to the dashboard.
  • Fixed flooding MikroTik login logs.


  • Added Customer Name, Equipment to list of users in an Address Range.
  • Added the ability to append job notes to Network Site Jobs.
  • Added link back to the Customer Profile in the Account Class Report transaction list.
  • Removed improvement program from Powercode (now part of the beta track).
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Powercode 17.12.21 Release [Beta]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Customer Event Log Dialogs not closing when “x” is clicked.
  • Fixed issue with empty MikroTik DHCP Configurations.
  • Fixed Customer Primary Contact information from not saving when one already existed.
  • Fixed an issue where additional Procera v17 filtering rules were being applied unnecessarily.
  • Fixed issue where scheduled events for remove service was only allowing removal of monthly internet service.
  • Fixed sorting order of scheduled events for the customer overview so it sorts correctly (from earliest to latest).
  • Fixed an issue where bandwidth was not being collected on Baicells LTE SM device types. Updates the default to gather bandwidth.
  • Fixes payment form payments from having a midnight time stamp if being entered for the current date.


  • Added Option 66 support for ReadyNet AC1200MS Router.
  • Added Permissions to Limit Users from submitting Echeck, Credit Card, Check, Cash, Direct/Wire, EFTPOS, and ACH Payments for Customers.
  • Moved Powercode Feedback form to Help > Feedback.
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Powercode 17.12.13 Release [Beta]


  • New Option 66 Device Support (Cambium cnPilot R201 Wireless Router). Additionally added¬†Port Forwarding and Virtual Servers for Cambium cnPilot R200 & Cambium cnPilot R201 Routers for Option 66.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tool-tip description for Delete Last Payment Method Customer Portal configuration.
  • Fixed initial ticket log displaying authored by ISP if opened from customer portal.
  • Fixed an issue where IMSI field would not populate on mobile version of the equipment form.
  • Fixes an issue where newer AWS regions would reject API requests.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling NAT was pushing unnecessary values to 450 devices.
  • Fixed an issue with Twilio causing mass emails to not queue correctly when turned off.
  • Fixed static required phone numbers not refilling after failed post.
  • Fixed call record row count in Customer Portal Call logs.
  • Fixed customer account names and notes from displaying escape characters.
  • Fixed failed CDR ratings from causing billing to fail.
  • Fixed some system emails from sending out duplicates for more than one MultiBrand company.
  • Fixed an issue where Config Templates weren’t consistently showing up on the equipment details page.


  • Added check when switching payment type in the Customer Portal to see if the customer is allowed to modify payment methods.
  • Added links under Help to the Knowledgebase and Documentation.
  • Added logs for opting in/out to SMS.
  • Added various Invoice configuration settings for more control over how the Detail Page is displayed.
  • Added the ability to print invoices “double sided” in the Print Invoices Report.
  • Added the ability to label a Monthly Internet Service as a Baicells service.
  • Added a user-based preference to disable the feedback form.
  • Enabled Traffic Flow on the MikroTik and added default Targets.
  • Updated Track Your Truck vehicle information on Schedule Live View to be more informative.
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Invoice Preference

With Invoice Preferences, each customer has a setting that will determine how they receive their invoices.

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Powercode 17.12.04 Release [Beta]

New Features

  • Powercode Feedback Form. Submit bug reports, feature requests, or general comments from the new Feedback form located in the bottom right of any page!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with loading correct account classification form labels.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Customer Portal bank payments to not submit properly.
  • Fixed company association not showing up if only one Multi Brand company.
  • Fixed several issues with Baicells equipment editing.
  • Fixed inventory MAC filter from not filtering properly.
  • Fixed an issue with MikroTik not recording bandwidth data correctly.


  • Aligned add services dropdown text to the left for easier reading of long lists.
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