Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where customer transaction log balance wasn’t calculating correctly.
  • Fixed various issues with the Twilio interface.
  • Fixed equipment with duplicate names throwing an error when adding through the API.
  • Fixed adding links to tickets and ticket templates.
  • Fixed toggle of MikroTik relay IP.


  • Added Webhooks for Job Reassigned.
  • Added Webhooks for Job Scheduled.
  • Added Webhooks for Job Rescheduled.
  • Added Webhooks for Job Moved To WorkBench/Stand By.
  • Added Webhooks for Job Details Edited.
  • Added the ability to get equipment belonging to a Network Site through the API.
  • Added confirmation when Twilio SMS are sent out.
  • Added coordinates to addresses on the Customer Overview.
  • Created customer event logs when sending out a Twilio SMS to a customer.
  • Defaults transactions table to 100 entries per page.
  • Disabled sort on all but Date column for transaction logs.
  • Made it so Twilio SMS can be created without loading a new page.