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Release 16.06.23

New Features

  • Edit Job Notes – You are now able to edit job notes from the customer profile page.
  • Schedule Update with Minutes – Allows user to schedule updates down to the minute.

Bug Fixes

  • Jobs Out of Date Range – When running a job report, jobs outside of the date range no longer show up.
  • User Schedule Week Skipping – Navigating between weeks on user schedule now works as it should.
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Release 16.06.09

New Features

  • Ticket Comment Attachment – Now able to attach files to comments in ticketing.

Bug Fixes

  • Customer Portal Add Payment Issues – All config settings now work properly when adding payments in customer portal.
  • Disappearing Job Notes – Job notes with special symbols no longer disappear.
  • Firefox Click Events – Call logs and other click events now save correctly in Firefox.
  • Ticket Template Issues – All the correct fields appear when a template is chosen.
  • Ticketing Soft Delete – When multiple files are attached to a ticket, they can now be deleted one at a time.


  • Contract Template Date – Added date in the contract template.
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