Updates To SSL For PCI

We have been working with a few customers and the PCI scanning companies that are used by payment gateways to make sure your billing server will pass scans.  The next update early next week will contain some changes to the Apache configuration and some other areas of the server to pass PCI scans.

The changes required for this will mean that older browsers, computers, and other devices that do not support the stronger ciphers and protocols required to pass the scan may stop working when trying to access Powercode.  We don’t anticipate this actually affecting any of our users, but a note just the same.

After the 17.05.23, if your PCI scan does not pass, please send us your entire PCI report as things are added and changed in the scanning process quite frequently.  Our test customers have been passing, and if you have not you’ll definitely notice the number of errors in the report decrease significantly and we will knock out the rest for you if you send us the latest report.  This is an area we will be staying on top of moving forward.