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Powercode Release 21.07.01 [STABLE]


  • Resolved an issue that caused payments to be skipped over during payment queue processing when certain billing configurations were applied.

Phone Numbers

  • Resolved an issue that prevented phone numbers from being deleted.

Job List

  • Resolved an issue where the jobs were not listed in order of start time.


  • Resolved an issue minute by minute graph would not load or timeout.

Security Questions

  • Added the functionality to add/edit security questions on an account.

Customer Portal

  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from updating their email.
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Powercode Release 21.06.28 [STABLE]

Daily Billing

  • Resolved an issue where a function was missing a closing brace causing failure.
  • Resolved an issue where card payments wouldn’t process if the credit card retry count wasn’t greater than zero.
  • Resolved an issue where cards set to processed on the bill due day were not being processed.


  • Resolved an issue where credit card payments were failing due to spaces in the number.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Saisei graphs from appearing in the customer portal.

Installer Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue where the default status check wasn’t being set after selecting the device type in the installer mobile view.

Edit Equipment

  • Resolved an issue when editing equipment the device type defaults would overwrite selected options.

Job Templates

  • Resolved an issue where not checking the box to show status toggle would result in failure.
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Powercode Release 21.05.17 [STABLE]

Initial Invoice

  • Resolved an issue where the initial invoice would not be generated until clicking on the link to view the document.

Add Payment Method

  • Resolved an issue where if a user didn’t have permission to add/edit a credit card and bank account the page would display as permission denied rather than show only the allowed option.

Edit Mikrotik BMU

  • Resolved an issue when editing a Mikrotik BMU the switch for DHCP would be improperly enabled.
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Powercode Release 21.05.11 [BETA]

Make Payment

  • Resolved an issue when selecting the current balance or amount due when the amount $1000 or greater.

Daily Billing

  • Removed legacy payment logging which resulted in a customer being credited for twice the payment made.

Bulk Payment Entry

  • Resolved an issue where the description was not being saved with the payment entry.

Invoice Logo

  • Resolved an issue that was causing the company logo to be overwritten by the Powercode logo on upgrade.
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Powercode Release 21.05.10 [BETA]

AWS Backup

  • AWS now implements multipart upload to handle large file uploads.
  • Resolved an issue with files uploading to the incorrect directories.

Email Tickets

  • Resolved an issue where certain mail providers were replacing HTML tags with unexpected tags.

Payment Queue

  • Resolved an issue where failed payments were being retried after a successful payment cleared the customer balance.
  • Added a button to process payment queue that will attempt to process all ‘Entered’, and ‘Failed’ payments in the queue respecting billing settings. (Ex: Minimum Credit Card Amount)
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Powercode Release 21.04.27 [BETA]

Change Customer Status

  • Reverted functionality of popup to allow for changing a status but not disconnecting the customer’s service which generates a final bill.

Schedule Live View

  • Resolve an issue where placing a job before another job would result in a prompt to email the customers about the job change when their job hasn’t been changed.


  • Resolve an issue when a job being viewed was updated by another user the notification to reload the ticket wasn’t appearing.
  • Resolved an issue where after setting the follow-up date the date would load as only 20 in the actions menu.

Customer Files

  • Resolve an issue where the files were in a stacked view until clicked.


  • Resolved issues with changing the customer portal password via email and username.
  • Resolved an issue when adding a customer via the API the customer country was not being properly set which would prevent the edit contact page from submitting.

Call Log

  • Resolve an issue where the send call log to the customer was not sending an email.


  • Resolve an issue where $0.00 debits were not showing on invoices.

Customer Search

  • Resolve an issue where the archived customers would show when searching by the last name.

Account Class Report

  • Resolve an issue that resulted in an error when clicking on a link for the amount.
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Powercode Release 21.04.14 [BETA]

Multi Brand

  • Resolved an issue with uploading logos.


  • Resolved an issue where the page was not found when clicking the link to change who the service is paid for from the customer overview services tab.

Customer Search

  • Resolved an issue where the search for a contact on a customer would not be found if both the first and last name were included.
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Powercode Release 21.04.08 [Beta]


  • Updated deprecated functions to resolve issues with Pheanstalk.

Page Routing

  • Resolved an issue where pages would attempt to incorrectly route to legacy pages.


  • Resolved issues with changing the associated contact on a ticket.

Schedule Live View

  • Resolved an issue where 15-minute jobs were not draggable.

Complete Map

  • Resolved issues with drawing shapes and exporting the customer data within the shape drawn.


  • Resolved issue where invoices with a zero dollar balance were being sent when the option was turned off.


  • Resolved an issue where the automatically geocode option wasn’t copied over visually on click.


  • Resolved issue error Baicells when saving the contact.
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Powercode Release 21.04.05 [Beta]


  • Resolved an issue where equipment that was assigned to a customer would not show on the account.


  • Resolved an issue where the input field when modifying consumables was missing.

Add Customer Wizard

  • Resolved an issue where the security questions were not displaying.


  • Resolved an issue with updating Pheanstalk to the latest version.
By |2021-04-06T16:29:18-05:002021 April 6th|Changelog|0 Comments
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