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Powercode Release 24.07.10 [STABLE]


  • Resolved an issue where the delinquency date would display incorrectly if the date was set for the next billing cycle.
  • Resolved an issue with the API key not populating when editing a network notifier.
  • Resolved an issue where the credit card processing fee would appear when making a payment with a bank account via the customer portal.
  • Resolved an issue where installers couldn’t check into jobs due to the geo-location data not being shared.


  • Resolved an issue where one time credits would be marked as debits on account activation.
  • Resolved an issue with XML new line characters being sent in some requests to ippay resulting in failure.


  • Resolved an issue with deleting ticket types that are associated with support email accounts.

Mass Notification

  • Resolved an issue where the BMU filter option was not properly populating a list.


  • Resolved an issue with the createEquipment API endpoint.


  • Resolved an issue with sync and saving equipment.  More to come.
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Powercode Release 24.06.18 [STABLE]


  • Updated the delinquent customer reconnection fee to be a service rather than a dollar amount.
  • Update address type to be the type of bill rather than other.
  • Resolve an issue with monthly discounts.
  • Resolved an issue where the guarantee bill would be transferred to an inactive guarantor.
  • Resolved an issue with e-check verification.
  • Resolved an issue with bank imports.
  • Updated NACHA ACH format.
  • Resolved an issue where returned checks were not turning customers delinquent.  #D-25
  • Resolved an issue with pre-pay months.


  • Added a cron to save the Saisei config automatically every six hours.
  • Added a config option under system config to allow Saisei Parent child to specifically be turned off.


  • Improved sync time of Mikrotik BMUs.
  • Added a default interface for Mikrotik BMUs configurable via the add/edit bmu page.


  • Added transfer ticket api endpoint.


  • Improved top navigation.
  • Added an option for a pinnable side navigation.
  • Resolved an issue that would result in the infrastructure overview being unresponsive.
  • Added an option for Towercoverage to add a multi map link that appears on the customer overview.
  • Added a DHCP log tab to the equipment details page.
  • Resoloved an issue with the job check-in timer not displaying properly.  #218


  • Resolved an issue with the incorrect files appearing at the top of a ticket.
  • Added the ability to create network matinence tickets.


  • Resolved an issue with the Tax Zone report.
  • Resolved an issue where the failed installed report would fail to load. #204
  • Include VOIP lines to monthly recurring on the financial dashboard. #D-44


  • Added provisioning support for Trango NIDs.

Network Monitoring

  • Added groups to sites.
  • Added Observium support
  • Added a public facing network status page based on the groups.
  • Fixed issues with graphs on the equipment overview.
  • Added DHCP log tab that pulls records if they are in the last 5 million lines of the vrmu dhcp log.


  • Added a webhook for when a ticket is added to a specifc group.


  • Created a new pulic facing page at :448/register.
  • Added customer groups to contracts to allow them to be filtered on the registration.
  • Services and Contracts will populate based on the service area (Customer Group).

Office 365

  • Added support for office 365 with inbound support account and outbound going email.

Star Solutions

  • Added BMU support for Star Solutions.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented unimus from functioning properly.
  • Resovled issues with Twilio integration.
  • Added BMU as a filter option for mass communication.
  • Resolved an issue where unordered lists would break contracts. #164
  • Resolved an issue with the customer search in the new task popup window. #180
  • Resolved an issues with searching support email blaklist. #181
  • Resolved an issue with pager duty repeat settings. #184
  • Resolved an issue with international VOIP numbers that lead with a zero. #186
  • Made the customer portal login page responsive. #187
  • Resolved an issue with Calix device types. #194
  • Added the export report button to completed jobs report. #195
  • Resolved an issue with late fee application. #196
  • Resolved an issue where the address range dropdown would be empty. #197
  • Resolved an issue with updating the external account ID from the API. #199
  • Add an option to re-apply contracts when editing a service. #200
  • Resolved issues with installer view job check-in timer. #202
  • Resolved an issue with webhooks. #207
  • Resolved an issue with drag on drop scheduling on mobile devices. #222
  • Resolved an issue with job notes becoming unreadable due to special characters. #160
  • Resolved an issue with contracts not displaying properly due to special characters. #212
  • Added sender email address under the customer portal contact us section to resolve issues with sending emails. #178
  • Resolve an issue with schedule live view display issue. #177
  • Referral discount has been added to the monthly services total. #192
  • Added the ability to make custom fields requried. #D-38
  • Resolved an issue with the repeated discount slider not functioning properly. #D–58
  • Added a loading notice to the map. #209
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Powercode Release 23.03.27[BETA]


  • This release is behind a breakpoint.  Please contact support to schedule an upgrade.


  • Added options for international templates. #TDP-5

CDR Records

  • Improved load time on large call record data sets. #2650

Scheduled Jobs

  • Resolved issues with the schedule live view not honoring the schedule override. #2695
  • Resolved issues where high amounts of fields would result in the column being very narrow. #2566

Add Service

  • Resolved an issue where the monthly discount select dropdown was not scrollable or searchable, leaving some options unselectable. #2598


  • Resolved an issue with the logs not sorting chronologically.  #2660

Complete Map

  • Resolved issues with the customer tag filter not showing all the customers.  #2692


  • Resolved issues with the inventory product graphs not accurately reflecting counts.  #2691
  • Resolved an issue where the history was not showing deleted inventory.


  • General improvements including error handling in the event MySQL crashes.
  • Added a config option for the IPPay credit card information updater.
  • Resolved an issue with e-check and ProPay.
  • Improved handling of responses from the credit card activity report. #2680


  • Updated to the powercode map icons to have better contrast with the background of Google maps.


  • Resolved issues with international call billing.


  • Resolved issues with the token not refreshing for dropbox oAuth. #1394


  • Public beta version of Telrad integration.


  • Public beta version.


  • Powercode recommends contacting Powercode support to audit your Saisei config and possibly reset the configuration to ensure that the configuration functions as intended going forward.

  • Update to use MIR/CIR, sequence, and priority for policies.
  • Remote subnets are now entered into the Saisei host table as a subnet entry instead of treating the remote subnets as access points within Saisei.
  • The Saisei config auto saves every six hours now.


  • Resolved an issue with attachments on emails.
  • Resolved an issue with the support email blacklist page not loading properly.

Site Overview

  • Resolved an issue where the job template would be unselectable.


  • Expanded the next day job reminder configuration options.


  • Integration in beta.

Custom Fields

  • Sort fields alphabetically in all views.


  • Mikrotik is in beta and untested.  A stable tested version will come in the following release in weeks to come.

Network Sites

  • Added abbreviations to the sites list.
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Powercode Release 22.04.25[BETA]

Network Sites

  • Resolved issues with search when the rows per page were less than the result size.  #2609

Custom Fields

  • Resolved an issue where the default value for custom fields was not saving. #2663


  • Resolved an issue with the pdf generation of some contract formatting. #2688 & #1077

Scheduled Jobs

  • Resolved an error that occrued while attempting to complete certain jobs. #2690


  • Validate files were transferred prior to deleting old backups. #2168


  • Resolved an issue when creating a customer via the api and not setting the group.


  • Change the Guarantor billing page to show the guarantees name on transferred charges.
  • Rework due day billing payment process to avoid instances of multiple payments.
  • Corrected column defaults for the payment queue Entered and last updated fields.


  • Added functionality to go back to the search page after clicking on a result. #2665
  • Resolved an issue that  prevented the SSN from saving when editing the profile.  #2681

Tower Coverage

  • Resolved an issue with the API key generation. #2621


  • Resolved an issue when deleting equipment that would result in the equipment being deleted but a notification that unknown error occurred would appear.  #2640
  • Resolved an issue that allowed infinite clicking through IP addresses past the declared range. #1026
  • Resolved search params not being honored when searching equipment.  #2696


  • Resolved an issue with permissions that only users with the admin menu permission could edit their widgets.  #2671


  • Release the BETA version of the PHP IPAM integration.


  • Resolved an issue with the amount hyperlink on the account class report. #2446

Address Ranges

  • Resolved an issue where the address range would be selectable from the dropdown when the site is disabled. #2490
  • Resolved an issue that would occur when trying to move address ranges. #2600
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Powercode Release 22.03.02 [STABLE]

Make Payment

  • Updated the notification that pending payments will be canceled to only appear if the customer has pending payments.


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
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Powercode Release 22.02.25 [STABLE]


  • Resolved an issue where billing would halt if not using IPPay as a payment processor due to a new function specific to them.
  • Resolved an issue when billing a small number of customers (less than 20) during the bill due day process in which the process to hold billing until the payments have completed was not occuring, which could result in some customers being charged twice with two separate transactions.
  • Changed the notification when making a manual payment to only show if the customer has pending transactions in the payment queue.

FCC 477

  • Correct the mapping of the upload/download fields when using advertised speeds.
  • Correct a bug when accessing the service speeds on plans when generating the deployment data.

Customer Search

  • Resolved issues while searching for a customer with a special character as well as while searching by the last name first.
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Powercode Release 22.02.21 [STABLE]

FCC 477 Report

  • Added a button to trigger a FIPS update for all active and delinquent customers.  The update will run in the background and provide status updates via the system event log.  It is recommended to run this prior to generating a report if you are having trouble generating one.  A notification will appear in the top right corner that the process has begun.  Please clear your web browser cache prior to this. (ctrl + shift + r) To reload the page and clear your cache.
  • Updated the advertised upload/download speeds label on services to accurately represent the information the FCC is requesting.
  • Upload/download speeds greater than 10mbps will be rounded to a whole number for reporting per the FCC.


  • Resolved an issue where proration via the API would not trigger when set.
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Powercode Release 22.02.17 [STABLE]


  • Set all failed payments in the payment queue to canceled status to account for recent billing changes. When a manual payment is made any failed payments will be canceled. This is the retroactive approach to account for that new process.
  • Resolved an issue where manual ACH payments would credit a second time during daily billing.
  • Updated billing process to spawn multiple payment processes to decrease the overall billing runtime.
  • Removed the “#” from cash payment’s description #2647


  • Added the select for the census year on the FCC 477 report. #2620
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Pre-Installs Without Installs report to not show any results. #2656

Navigation Menu

  • Added back the SAML/SSO navigation menu option.

Equipment Details

  • Updated the wording of the open-access list tab. #2648


  • Release BETA integration of openSRS.


  • Resolved an issue with authorization if on a version of 6.43.


  • Resolved an issue when downloading the minute-by-minute Saisei graph by upgrading Highcharts to better handle larger data sets. #2654


  • Resolved an issue where clicking edit on any shaping rule would result in the error message page. #2612

Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue where the mobile view was not filtering services that are not viewable to the web user. #2659

Customer Portal

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the customer security code from appearing on the customer portal when enabled.
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Powercode Release 22.01.11 [BETA]


  • Improved customer search when searching by the customer’s last name first. #2521

Elevation Profile

  • Resolved an issue where the line of sight line would calculate based on meters instead of the unit used for the input. #2542


  • Added column search to the closed ticket report. #2445
  • Resolved an issue with the installer time sheets scrolling out of view. #2495
  • Limited the email event log to the last 1000 entries.

Customer Portal

  • Resolved an issue where settings were being set to a default value of on. #2527
  • Resolved an issue where the customer portal toggle would be incorrectly set requiring fields to be set for login. #2395
  • Added an option when changing the “Allow ACH/ECheck Addition” to set the option for all customers rather than just going forward.
  • Resolved an issue with the customer portal color setting. #2624


  • Added amount in cents to the customer portal call records.
  • Added additional call rate classifications (Special, Mobile, National).
  • Resolved issues with DID imports.
  • Resolved issues with adding call records via the API
  • Resolved issues with the unlimited toggles not saving properly. #2498
  • Resolved an issue where VoIP call record charges were being calculated when manually set.  Call records with a charge greater than zero will not be updated.
  • Resolved issues with the 477 report.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented removing the parent ticket from the child ticket. #2593


  • Resolved an issue when deleting a contract that has existing contracts signed. #2528

Customer Overview

  • Resolved an issue where the monthly total for services would be $NaN.
  • Resolved an issue where the customer group was not displaying. #2201
  • Resolved an issue where the delinquency date would display inaccurately. #2491
  • Add view all tickets to the tickets section on the customer overview. #2633


  • Resolved an issue where some customers weren’t having an invoice preference set. #2599
  • Resolved an issue where guarantee/guarantor accounts were using the incorrect tax setting. #1286
  • Resolved an issue where the custom reactivation fee setting wasn’t properly being set. #2594
  • Resolved an issue where credit cards would expire at the beginning of their expiration month rather than the first of the next month.  #1613
  • Resolved an issue where ACH charges on the bill due day were double crediting the account.
  • Resolved issues with autopay running immediately after billing or not at all. #2596
  • Resolved issues with some customers’ payments not being charged after being placed in the payment queue. #2554
    • When a manual payment is made any existing not successfully processed payments in the queue will be canceled.
  • Changed the credit card retry count label to be an attempt count to more accurately reflect its impact as well as prevent zero from being an option.


  • Changed the monthly megabytes field to automatically set to 99999999 when no value is given. #1450
  • Resolved an issue that prevented services from being added in the add customer wizard. #2368


  • Added a field to set an SMS signature to be added to each message. #2611


  • Resolved an issue with auto-assigning an IP when changing address ranges. #2587


  • Resolved an issue with the system event log where it would sometimes not log the web user that created the log event. #2166
  • Resolved an issue with setting a web user inactive without an email address. #2339
  • Resolved an issue with the equipment log not truncating and added an option for seven days.


  • Update to add a process to handle IPPay’s fraud detections system and check if the transaction has been resolved each night when billing runs.
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