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Powercode Release 20.10.26 [Beta]


  • Resolved an issue with default ticket priority not being set when creating a ticket.
  • Resolved an issue where time logged on a ticket would display oddly in an email.
  • Resolved an issue where some ticket replies would replicate.


  • Resolved an issue where account type was not being set on customer creation.
  • Resolved and issue with the cancel button behavior when adding a payment failed.
  • Resolved an issue where the description for cash/check payment wasn’t saving.


  • Reports now scroll horizontally when they don’t full fit on the display.

Elevation Profile

  • Resolved an issue where the incorrect units would display on the elevation profile.
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Powercode Release 20.10.21 [Beta]

Email Invoices

  • Resolved an issue where invoices were not being properly attached to emails.

Equipment Overview

  • Resolved an issue where the equipment status wasn’t displaying.

Schedule Live View

  • Resolved an issue that prevented jobs being scheduled past a certain time.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented the save button from functioning properly when editing the account profile.
  • Resolved an issue with selecting an email address to send a receipt to.
  • Resolve an issue with PDF generation.
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Powercode Release 20.09.29 [Beta]

Mobile Search Bar

Added mobile support to allow searches while in mobile view.


Resolved an issue where editing a piece of equipment would result in errors on the account.

Schedule Live View

Calendar is now fixed height to allow easier switching between months.

Technician Schedules

Resolved an issue with the form not closing when saving schedule overrides.

Installer Status Widget

Resolved an issue where jobs were not displaying in the widget.

Session Timer

Session timer now also displays seconds.

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Powercode Release 20.09.17 [Beta]

Installer Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue where installer mobile view wouldn’t load properly.


  • Moved admin mode navigation permission to the group membership tab.


  • Resolved an issue where special characters in device type names would prevent saving equipment.


  • Resolved an issue where down accounts link woudn’t resolve.


  • Resolved an issue where the networks-> notifiers page wouldn’t load properly.
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