Release 16.02.29

System Changes

  • Rebuilt ORM – Powercode’s ORM has been rebuilt to improve security and performance.

New Features

  • Equipment Protocol – Ability to specify which protocol the click-able URLs should use. Options are currently http and https
  • Equipment Status Logging – When Equipment goes into Warning or Bad, the reason why is logged in the equipment log.
  • IPPay Request Addition – Customer ID’s are now sent with IPPay Requests.
  • Summarized Daily Deposits Total – A total column has been added to Summarized Daily Deposits

Bug Fixes

  • Contact Call Log Linebreaks – Linebreaks are now preserved when adding a log from a customer contact.
  • Custom Installer Text Colors – If using a custom installer color, the text color will automatically use black or white to make the text as readable as possible.
  • Customer Bill Date Editing – Can now save customer bill date in all browsers.
  • Customer Portal Blank Buttons – Fixed the Customer Portal Blank Buttons occurring on certain browsers.
  • Deleting Call Areas – Call area deletion is once again possible.
  • ECheck Account List Readability – The list of echeck accounts on the customer overview are now readable
  • Edit Email Report Days – Can now edit email report days (data usage report for customer) from the admin portal.
  • Equipment Status Tooltip (Light Theme) – Light theme’s equipment status tooltip was previously hard to read.
  • Graph Export Legibility – Graphs are now legible upon downloading.
  • Job Time Editing – Fixed many bugs/glitches in job time editing.
  • Network Overview Auto-refresh – The network overview now auto-refreshes.
  • Query Based Accounting Summary View – Summary view in Query Based accounting is fixed.
  • Schedule Live View Dragging – Upon job dragging on the bottom installer, the jobs would occasionally pop up one installer. This bug is now fixed.
  • Site Overview Job Creation Error – Upon Job creation, we now show a success status/icon with the success message.
  • Summarized Daily Deposits Graph Offset – Summarized Daily Deposits graph is no longer off by 1 day.
  • Technician Group User Deletion – Installers can now once again be removed from tech groups.
  • Ticket Subcategories – Ticket subcategories are not functional once again.


  • Customer Signature Page – Customer Signature page has been modernized to look more like the upgraded look to the customer portal.
  • Equipment Details Readability – The Equipment Details page has been formatted for better readability.