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Powercode 17.09.21 Release [BETA]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a case where customers without a service would throw an error.
  • Fixed update / add equipment form details from resetting input fields on save.
  • Fixed all invalid latitude and longitudes on all addresses (caps the max / min value).
  • Fixed scheduled job icons to activate when hovering over their respective schedule item.
  • Fixed account class report export to default to the correct extension type.
  • Fixed main phone number links from breaking in Installer Mobile View.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting from the Account Class Report would export an HTML block.
  • Fixed an issue where customers could submit multiple payments at one time from the customer portal.
  • Fixed System Event Log widget displaying an incorrect number of pending ACH batch transactions.
  • Fixed disk usage alert banner from overlapping navigation bar and header.
  • Fixed customers without monthly internet service from being added to MikroTik.
  • Fixed equipment link on inventory items.
  • Fixed some accounts not showing a phone number if their only number was “Main”.
  • Fixed white on white text showing in dark theme for invoice details.
  • Fixed validation when adding new customers to prevent invalid latitudes.
  • Fixed minute calculation for checked in web users.
  • Fixed equipment sometimes not loading correct template name on edit.


  • Added Backups to MikroTik.
  • Added ability to skip adding a DHCP server when adding an Address Range to MikroTik.
  • Added Translation Table Size to Canopy 450 Template for Option 66.
  • Added radio frequencies to Canopy 450 Template for Option 66.
  • Added amended format for ACH Batch – formats Batch Exports per¬†NACHA standards. Set Config > Billing > ACH Processing – Bank Draft Format Type to ACH with linebreaks and fill.
  • Added the ability to submit a Customer Payment through Scheduled Events.
  • Added Create Job button under jobs for individual network site overview.
  • Added option to show/hide session timer for web user check in.
  • Renamed MikroTik Interface Field.
  • Updated web user check in to be done in the background.
  • Separated burst speed inputs for PMP 100 and 450 devices.
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Release 17.09.14 [STABLE]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed user showing on User Schedules if they have no schedule.
  • Fixed issue with trying to add previously removed equipment to a customer that would sometimes cause a fatal error.
  • Fixed one-time credit and one-time event logs to properly reflect type.
  • Fixed image sizes and quality when generating Signed Contracts.


  • Added local calling area codes for Canada.
  • Added redirect functionality to Mikrotik.
  • Added transaction type to Payments Received report for cash, credit, and wire transaction types.
  • Updated Complete Network Map icons to properly reflect their status colors and added dynamic icons for custom statuses. (Please Note: if your network map customer icons are showing up as white, please update their color under Items > Custom Items > Customer Statuses to reflect the appropriate color you wish to associated with their Custom Status.)
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Release 17.09.12 [STABLE]

This stable release is the first stable release since 17.07.25 and contains the following beta releases:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing Powercode updates to not initialize properly.
  • Fixed 12 Month Graph displaying free / billable usage incorrectly.
  • Fixed Customer Portal Allowed Ticket Statuses event log logging an empty value.
  • Fixed issue with the System Upgrade widget failing to query for available updates.
  • Fixed issue that prevented checking into a job on desktop.
  • Fixed being able to check in / out from a job once completed.
  • Fixed display issue with the checked in job’s time counter.
  • Fixed issue where scheduling updates for “Now” would throw an error.
  • Fixed projected delinquency date not honoring Temporary Grace Date overrides.
  • Fixed permission issue for creating tickets from a Customer Account.
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Web User Check In Feature

The web user check-in feature tracks which users actively using Powercode. This feature allows you to set an idle time so that a user that has not loaded at least one page in Powercode for the duration of the idle time will be effectively “Checked Out”.

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