Start Using Custom Customer Alerts

We’ve added a new way to better communicate with your team! Starting in Stable release 18.02.16 custom alerts can be displayed in the color of your choosing at the top of a customers page based on any number of criteria as seen here.

There are countless reasons and ways to use these alerts. In our example above, we’re running a promotion offering five dollars off for the next three months for everyone who is on the Residential Freedom 450 plan who upgrades their service. We want to remind our first line employees of this so they can try to up-sell every eligible customer. Additionally, not all of our pop sites can support the higher speed services so we only want this to display for the customers who can actually receive this service. Luckily the custom alerts criteria supports this as shown below.

Additionally, the custom alerts can be stacked if a customer meets the active alert’s criteria. The customer below is eligible for the promotion but is also down at the moment and won’t have power back to their network site until tomorrow. So anyone who opens that account can see right away not to spend any time troubleshooting as it’s a known issue.

To take advantage of the Custom Customer Alerts from the “Accounts” tab select “Custom Customer Alerts” to get to the page below. Click on “Add New” and create your alert. Please reach out to our support department with any questions!

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NEW Customer Portal is here!

Our completely rebuilt customer portal is here! With it’s sleek new look, your choice of theme color and fully custom CSS field your customers are sure to be impressed. They can also update most of their account info directly from the portal and even upload attachments when they create or reply to a ticket. Now, all of this can be done from their phones or tablets as the entire portal is mobile friendly from bill paying to usage graphs. On the “Customer Portal Settings” page you have more control than ever to make sure you’re only allowing the functions and behaviors that you want.

New Customer Portal with pink theme color.

In addition to our desire to provide these features to your customers enhancing their experience with their ISP, this rebuild also opens the doors for exciting new possibilities. This is just the beginning of what we imagine the portal to be in the near future. If you have any ideas for functions you would like to see in the portal, please submit them to us via the feedback forum through the “Help” menu from your Powercode software.

Some more extreme custom elements using the Custom CSS box.
A more standard application of our Custom CSS ability.

To use the new portal, you’ll need to first upgrade to Stable release 18.03.21. Follow the video below or from “Config” tab, under “System Configuration” select “System” and change the “Powercode Release Type” to “Beta” and “Powercode Customer Portal” to “New”. Then from the main page widget upgrade to Beta 18.04.04 and the new Customer Portal is yours!

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Easter Friday Phone Support

Powercode will be closing early on Friday, March 30, 2018 to host a company event for the afternoon.  We will close at 12PM (Noon) CST for the day.  If you have a business impacting outage, please call in and proceed to engage our on-call services.  Please leave a detailed message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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