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Release 19.08.30 [Stable]

Our Powercode v19.08.30 release preps the general public for our newest Google Maps upgrade. 19.14.12 includes our latest stable build for Google Maps, including mapping updates and performance enhancements for Schedule Live View, Complete Map, Elevation Profile, and much more. Detailed instructions on how to enable and set up Google Maps to work with Powercode can be found on our Knowledge Base. If there are any questions regarding the new release or Google Maps, please reach out and our Customer Experience Team will be happy to help!


  • Resolved an issue where signature encoding was preventing from displaying contracts properly.
  • Added the ability to agree to the latest License Agreement on Upgrade.


  • Fixed validation errors that would return blank instead of displaying the correct error message.
  • Updated Equipment to properly load Probe Averages after initial page load.


  • Resolved an issue surrounding CreditCard payment types and the Account Class report.


  • Fixed an issue where SlowAfterTriggered would not properly activate for some accounts.


  • Updated which service plans are included to properly account for any SlowAfterTriggered customers with Preseem.
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Release 19.08.27 [Stable]


  • Resolved miscellaneous issues with ACH processing under some specific billing configurations.
  • Adjusted how we validate CVV entries through Moneris to prevent some Credit Card addition failures.
  • Updated a validation check for ACH processing systems so that refunds can once again be processed for Credit Card payments (when ACH Batch processing is enabled).
  • Reverted a change that would redirect to the customer’s profile when making a cash or check payment. It will now instead redirect to the same page, as originally designed.
  • Updated Credit Card name processing to avoid issues adding some cards with special characters.
  • Updated how we validate response codes to flag refunds as successful.

Customer Overview

  • Services custom fields will no longer load a blank page when attempting to view or edit them.


  • Fixed a display bug that would show multiple “Close” icons when adding or editing files associated with device types.


  • Packages will no longer display a “Failed” message response after successfully adding an item.


  • Resolved remaining issues with double-sided PDFs for the Print Invoice report.
  • Scheduling Dashboard now properly displays the Customer Name / Network Site Name under “Checked In” jobs.
  • Removed data string from the Tax Matrix report.


  • New Contract Redirection checks for Saisei. Customers with Pending Contracts will now be redirected to sign them through the Customer Portal when using Saisei.


  • Adjusted how we record bandwidth data through the Procera API to fix some data recording inconsistencies.


  • We will appropriately prevent a comment or reply from being posted of there is no content (previously we would warn, but post the reply anyway).


  • Updated login records to avoid an issue where the last login entry wouldn’t save as expected.
  • Users who fail to log in more than 10 times will no longer be redirected to a blank screen, and instead be told their login failed and to contact an administrator.
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