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Release 19.06.26 [Stable]


  • Equipment updates will now automatically associate to the correct range when saving equipment if it is not provided.


  • Resolved a situation in which deleting a payment account would stall and become unresponsive.


  • If there is a permissions conflict when attempting to save the schedule, we will forward that error to the confirmation dialog.


  • Notifiers have been adjusted to prevent repetitive “Good” status notifications from being sent out.

Custom Fields

  • Resolved remaining edge cases in which custom fields wouldn’t display the proper saved value.
  • Empty values will no longer trigger validation as a “Duplicate”.


  • Fixed an issue with contracts in which the checksum comparison wasn’t returning the expected result and preventing the contract from being displayed.


  • Adjusted how we check for customers status to prevent pushing out plans that were not matched to the appropriate status.
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Release 19.06.18 [Stable]


  • Down Infrastructure Equipment Webhook will no longer trigger for Customer Equipment.
  • Down Infrastructure / Customer Equipment Webhook will no longer trigger for a status change to “Bad”.
  • Added Webhook for Equipment Transfers, with an event of “Transfer”.

Customer Overview

  • Adjusted formatting for the Physical Address to correct the display.
  • Adding customers properly defaults to the System Default State again.
  • Call logs now wrap at the word instead of breaking up on individual characters.

Custom Information Fields

  • Resolved an issue where Powercode wouldn’t know which field to map to.
  • “Show X More” button wasn’t properly displaying additional fields, it will now display them as expected.
  • Powercode now properly determines which Custom Field values are truly unique.


  • Fixed a rare case where invoice batch generation in reports would fail.
  • Resolved an edge case where BankAccounts could not be added through the Customer Portal.
  • Updated VoIP to apply the correct Account Class during automatic billing.


  • Deleting equipment and assigning it back to a WebUser now properly validates.
  • Inventory selection when adding or updating Equipment will now exclude “Deleted” inventory.
  • Removing an ICMP probe if it was the last probe on equipment will no longer cause probes for that equipment to break.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some notifiers from receiving the notification. All notifiers should now get a notification.
  • Equipment Transfers will properly register and they will push out updates to the BMU Queue without requiring manual action.
  • Reverted monitoring restriction to avoid some issues with IP comparisons when processing BMU Requests.
  • Fixed the “Location” display from overflowing on the Equipment Overview page.
  • Equipment will now retain IMSI data when transferring between ranges.


  • Financial Dashboard tooltip for Revenue by Payment Type will now always display as expected.
  • Tax Matrix Report now includes non-specific values in a category of “None”.


  • Resolved a bug that was preventing the adding of DID numbers to Customers.
  • Call Record prefixes will no longer improperly be labeled as “International”.


  • All non-active customers are now redirected through the MikroTik.
  • MikroTik will no longer erroneously select an alternate interface if set to ‘None’.
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Release 19.06.06 [Beta]

Add Customer Wizard

  • Add Customer Wizard will now only validate against fields specified in configuration settings.
  • Duplicate checks will now return a full list of any matching accounts in Powercode.

Customer Overview

  • Address display will no longer show broken or cleared lines.
  • Custom select menus will now save and show values correctly.

Customer Portal

  • Adding / Removing payment accounts through the portal will no longer log twice.
  • Sign in text on the Customer Portal login page is now translated.


  • The financial dashboard now displays dollar amounts with commas instead of spaces.


  • Failed payments no longer falsly trigger accounts being set to active.
  • All guarantee custom charges will now properly apply to the guarantor.


  • Removing equipment will now require you to select which stock location it is at to avoid orphaned equipment on customer accounts.


  • Schedule overrides can now be configured to include minutes (to allow for 15, 30 minute increments).


  • Fixed some coloring conflicts with the Saisei graphs to improve their readability.
  • Resolved an issue where some updates would fail to push to Slave BMUs, causing them to go out of sync.


  • Resolved an issue where some ticket responses would be empty or blank.


  • Invalid phone numbers will no longer prevent pre-delinquency SMS from being sent out.


  • Fixed fping command error when attempting to ping through the widget.
  • Opt-in for Beta added to the Powercode Upgrade page (default on v19).
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