Release 19.10.24 Release [Closed Beta]

With the 19.10.24 release, we have migrated our mapping to Google Maps! Its a very exciting time for us at Powercode, as we push forward to leverage everything Google can offer to us through mapping, routing, and much more. To configure Google maps to work with your Powercode installation, you will need to set up and configure a Google API Key with the following API’s enabled. Once completed add your Google API Key to¬†Configure > System Configuration > Maps.


  • New geolocation services integration for addresses through Google.

Elevation Profile

  • New Google maps elevation profile for serviceability checks.

Installer Mobile View

  • New installer map with Google Maps and numbered jobs for a given day.

Complete Map

  • New complete map with Google Maps with integrated street view and full-screen mode.
  • New filters for tags, towers, customer groups, customer tags, device types, and device status.
  • New customer sub-selection selection tools for squares, polygons, or circles.
  • New customer export feature, with the ability to export a subset of customers directly from the map to a CSV file.

Schedule Live View

  • New schedule live view Google Maps integration with street view for quick site overview or installation planning.
  • New route optimization feature – easily re-order jobs in the most optimal way for a specific installer or the entire day!
  • Updated Track your Truck integration for compatibility with their latest WebApi platform.
  • Redesigned map icons for easier visibility and consistency – more in line with our classic icons.
  • Rebuilt schedule live view logic for significant performance increases, especially systems with higher amounts of installers and jobs.
  • Resolved issues with jobs jumping around, changing color, or resetting position.
  • Updated check in timers to display more consistently, and properly display current job time when checking out.
  • Resolved various issues where drive times would not display or calculate properly initially, and would require a force re-calculation.


  • New IPPay Account Updater – automatically updates CreditCard accounts that expire, are updated, or are reported lost / stolen.
  • New IPPay ECheck Reconciliation – automatically reconciles ECheck payments, updating their status and applying a returned check charge if applicable.
  • Added validation to all loan-related forms.
  • Re-added missing Authorize ACH as a ACH format option.
  • Fixed monthly discounts from not showing up on prepay invoice generation.
  • Updated prepay to only charge for invoice fees if they are configured.


  • Custom fields associated with Equipment are now returned through the readEquipment API endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue with the createCustomer in which addresses would geocode regardless of autoGeocode value.


  • Fixed a display issue in dark theme when editing webhooks.


  • Optimized main customer status list reports to increase load speed.

Customer Overview

  • Customer tags changes will now be logged to the Customer Event Log.
  • Custom fields now sort alphabetically.

Google Calendar

  • Made improvements and fixes to our Google Calendar integration – scheduled jobs will now properly push out to google calendar for installers.


  • CGNat toggle will now properly save the toggled value, as expected.


  • Fixed descriptions showing up as NULL in the services list.


  • Audited remote subnets to ensure in/out speeds are being properly written to the Saisei.
  • Updated total rate history graph to use proper Mbps label.
  • Added missing sync update for infrastructure equipment when added. It will now update in Saisei without requiring a full sync.


  • Fixed an issue where changing country in System Configuration would not auto populate the state field.
  • Added pre-populated states/provinces for New Zealand and United Kingdom (for cases where no Service Areas are defined).
  • Saving a country in system configuration will now automatically generate an associated Country Service Area.
  • Updated system configuration to resolve issues where very large sets of data could not be saved (thousands of tax zones,
  • New Powercode system-wide translations – English and French to start. We will continue to add additional translations as they are completed.


  • Re-ordered bandwidth gathering logic to avoid some cases where we wouldn’t always calculate the proper current value (data spikes). We fully anticipate this to resolve any remaining issues being experienced with bandwidth gathering spikes.
  • Resolved issues with BMU name sorting to properly sort alpha first, and then numeric.


  • Email templates will now always use the proper email subject when sending them to individual customers, as defined in system email.
  • Removed some remaining right arrow images in tickets.


  • New system configuration option to limit Status Change event log history changes. This will allow us to cut down on ballooning equipment log table sizes and increased backup storage utilization.
  • Resolved some issues with inventory item duplicate fields triggering erroneously.
  • Fixed a display issue with Equipment that wouldn’t properly show alternating rows as different colors on Equipment Overview.
  • Equipment on a customer account will now properly display its IMSI if it is an imsi device.
  • Fixed issues with the Equipment Log filter not filtering results properly.
  • Resolved issues with probe result averages not returning and updating results as expected.