New Features

  • Amazon AWS S3 Backups Destination – added the ability to push backups to AWS S3.
  • Dynamic Phone Numbers – added the ability add various types of phone numbers, without the restraint of type or number of types.  This change was made to accommodate future SMS and auto call related features.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed contracts from displaying duplicate services.
  • Fixed MikroTik address-list errors.
  • Fixed MikroTik deletion from sometimes leaving orphaned data.
  • Fixed .wav files from trying to open in the browser.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the payment queue to load very slowly.
  • Fixed issue where editing a scheduled event without changing the date would result in error being thrown.
  • Fixed slack webhooks from referencing incorrect server address.
  • Fixed autocomplete breaking mac formatter on mobile devices.
  • Fixed search bar overlap when a system usage alert is displayed.


  • Added validation to MikroTik to ensure names are unique.
  • Added MikroTik interface fields when in a mirror group with a BMU.
  • Added check when adding new Baicells services to verify that Baicells is enabled and set up in Powercode.
  • Added event type Switch Service to scheduled events.
  • Added Customer Monthly Service Update Log to Web Hooks.
  • Added Customer Monthly Service Add Log to Web Hooks.
  • Added Customer Monthly Service Add/Update post data for Web Hooks.
  • Added logging for Twilio SMS events.
  • Added reply opt-out for Twilio SMS. Customers can now opt-out of SMS by replying to your SMS message with a keyword.
  • Optimized how WebUser config values were being loaded.
  • Reverted MikroTik to simple queues for rate limiting.