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Release 17.05.22 [Stable]

This will potentially be the last stable release with minor bug fixes from the major 17.05.10 release.  If there are outstanding bugs that you are affected by, please contact support and there may be patch available.

The next release will be in the beta channel and will introduce the long awaited Option 66 templating and provisioning.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error caused by loading a web user when none exists while downloading work orders.
  • Fixed call log showing incorrect date/time.
  • Fixed not being able to apply multiple taxes to a charge.
  • Fixed issue with Canopy Speed Updater queue overloading.


  • Removed deprecated “Download BMU Firmware” link in preparation for new BMU upgrade system.
  • Migrated old Inventory Item Logs to into new Inventory Item History.
  • Added check for automatically updating portal username when editing a contact.
  • Added “%%INSTALLTYPE%%” variable to “Installer – Install/Service Call Scheduled” system email.
  • Added pdf export button to “Summarized Daily Deposits” report.
  • Added expanding customer notes while hovered over and focused.
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Updates To SSL For PCI

We have been working with a few customers and the PCI scanning companies that are used by payment gateways to make sure your billing server will pass scans.  The next update early next week will contain some changes to the Apache configuration and some other areas of the server to pass PCI scans.

The changes required for this will mean that older browsers, computers, and other devices that do not support the stronger ciphers and protocols required to pass the scan may stop working when trying to access Powercode.  We don’t anticipate this actually affecting any of our users, but a note just the same.

After the 17.05.23, if your PCI scan does not pass, please send us your entire PCI report as things are added and changed in the scanning process quite frequently.  Our test customers have been passing, and if you have not you’ll definitely notice the number of errors in the report decrease significantly and we will knock out the rest for you if you send us the latest report.  This is an area we will be staying on top of moving forward.

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Release 17.05.17 [Stable]

This release fixes a few regressions introduced in Release 17.05.10.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ACH bank export permissions.
  • Fixed bank transaction import description.
  • Fixed issue with assigning multiple inventory items.
  • Fixed payment amount not showing trailing 0 while making cash/check payment.
  • Fixed custom tab showing when no custom fields available for equipment.
  • Fixed error with permissions display on the weather widget.
  • Fixed Procera bandwidth data not being saved.


  • Added validation to contact call logs.
  • Added backup of bandwidth data on upgrade.
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Bank Transaction Import Errors After 17.05.10

If you upgraded to 17.05.10 and find that your bank transaction imports are throwing an error, follow the steps below and you’ll be back on track.

This issue was introduced because we added a new description field along with credits added via the bank transaction import feature (a long requested feature).  Unfortunately, this does break if the import format you are using does not have any description, which would be the case for any formats created prior to this update.  Here is how you add a description to your bank transaction formats to fix the issue.

From within Powercode, go to Items Bank Transaction Formats.  On the format you are trying to use, select Edit from the action menu.  Enter your desired description in the Description field on the form.  This description field will be shown on the credits imported using this feature.  By default, we recommend something like ‘Bank Payment’.

If you have a number of bank transaction formats, editing each one can be tedious.  If that is the case, please open a ticket or contact support and we will run a script to quickly add a basic description to all of your formats in one go.


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Amended Release 17.05.10 [Stable]

Yesterday’s release of 17.05.10 went out with one bug that has already been resolved.  Temporary grace dates being set on customers that were already delinquent and another combination of settings would not save properly.

The first person to upgrade reported this, and the upgrade files were patched along with that customer before anyone else upgraded within minutes.  If you were waiting to upgrade to 17.05.10 due to this bug report, you can safely update now or wait for the next build.

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Release 17.05.10 [Stable]

Release 17.05.10 is the first stable release going out to every Powercode customer since 17.01.26. Review all of the release notes about these releases before upgrading.

This stable release contains the following beta releases:

For all future upgrades, your Powercode will be set to upgrade to the latest stable release. To receive the beta releases, go to Config -> System Configuration -> System. Under the “Powercode Settings” there will be a “Powercode Release Type” drop down. There you can switch to Beta Releases. See “A Change To Update Mentality” for more details.

If there are questions about these releases or anything else that has changed, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team, and they will happily assist you.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed case where tax calculation would incorrectly round the wrong way.
  • Fixed case where credit would apply tax as a debit.
  • Fixed label with the Daily Deposit Graph.
  • Fixed case where customer password wouldn’t save properly.
  • Fixed permissions for Report Dashboard to include all groups by default.
  • Fixed file not found error when saving customer information.


  • Optimized hundreds of pages where user data was being loaded twice.
  • Restricts only RNControl compatible routers from loading into the RNControl/Readynet tab.
  • Updated API calls to log verbosely (successful and failed API calls) if setting is activated.
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