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Release 19.07.25 [Stable]


  • Added new addParent endpoint for Equipment through the API. Takes equipmentID and parentID as parameters.
  • Added new deleteParent endpoint for Equipment through the API.¬†Takes equipmentID and parentID as parameters.

Add Customer Wizard

  • Resolved some remaining edge-case issues where Add Customer Wizard settings were not defaulting or loading as expected when attempting to configure them.


  • Resolved an issue with ACH payments attempting to process for a zero amount, and preventing subsequent payments from processing.
  • Cash / check payments will now apply to the parent account if the account is a guaranteed account.
  • ProPay failed payments will now always properly log in the corresponding account.
  • Resolved an issue preventing ProPay from properly adding American Express cards through the Customer Portal.
  • Fixed a case where Send Invoice to MailXStream button would fail to generate the appropriate invoice.
  • Accounts added through the API will now properly create their associated Billing Address and link it to the Payment Account through the gateway.

Customer Overview

  • Added some enhanced data processing optimizations to greatly increase loading performance of the Customer Overview.

Customer Portal

  • Added custom tag elements to the Customer Portal login screen to allow custom styling for the login text and logo.
  • Fixed prevent excess payments from triggering through the Customer Portal when the feature is disabled.


  • Fixed issues where IP assignments would not retain proper values when transferring equipment.
  • When unlinking customers from Inventory equipment, we will now completely unlink the customer automatically from the inventory equipment.
  • Updated how we store bandwidth from different BMUs in the network to resolve edge cases where reporting would result in data usage spikes.


  • Replaced remaining instances of arrow images with html entities.
  • Added TicketLog Attachments when loading the TicketLog body through the API.
  • Removed extra unnecessary HTML tags from TicketLog entries (specifically when loading through the API).


  • Updated some core packages to tighten security surrounding PCI card processing requirements.


  • Fixed a bug with the Pending ECheck Reconcoliation report from displaying as expected.
  • Updated references in the Tax Matrix report to resolve issues with the name display.
  • Fixed some cases where the account class report wouldn’t load the primary Billing Type for customer log entries with BankAccounts.


  • Updates all Speedtests references to match with the Saisei Speedtest group.
  • Reverted pushing whitelists entries to Saisei on a per-entry basis, to only push on Sync (reduces longer delays when pushing out individual update items).


  • Updated authentication for MikroTiks running firmware >= 6.45.1 to properly handle new authentication changes (older firmware versions will continue to use the old authentication interface).
  • Nested some name convention checks to avoid cases where naming schemes would overlap.


  • Removed some upgrade dependencies that would overwrite some locale configurations.
  • Resolved an instance where fresh installs (with no data) would not process properly subsequent upgrades.
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Release 19.07.03 [Stable]

Address Ranges

  • Updated address ranges to avoid a case where a BMU type mismatch would cause longer than expected load times when attempting to add or edit a new Address Range.


  • Resolved a conflict with cvc validation that wouldn’t properly validate against some numbers.
  • Updated eWay customer portal encryption methods to allow for customer portal card addition.
  • The “Enable Automatic Payments” checkbox will now display even if you only had a CreditCard Gateway enabled.
  • Updated a check with ach batch payments to resolve a case where the payment event wouldn’t trigger.

Customer Overview

  • Custom fields will no longer flag as required when not being set.
  • SMS button will now display if a contact other than the primary is opted in for SMS.
  • Call logs on the overview tab now sort by created date as they do in the expanded view.
  • Custom fields overview tab box won’t display unless you have a field set.

Service Areas

  • Removed validation for Service Areas to allow all remote country and province combinations to be added.
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