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Release 18.11.28 [RC]


  • Port now defaults to 80 if none is set.


  • End address range IPs will now validate properly.


  • Several Saisei graphs that were not loading previously will now load as expected.

Customer Overview

  • Jobs will sort by their StartTime properly – previously, the days would be out of order.

Mass Notification

  • ‘Both’ option for Mass Notification now correctly selects the amount of customers to send the notification to.

Elevation Profile

  • Modified several instances where the elevation profile was loaded to ensure it isn’t being loaded prematurely.


  • Address State will now default to the Customer’s default State, instead of the first in an Alphabetical list.


  • Modifying Credit Card information no longer loads empty data.
  • Updated how payment information was being sent to Moneris to avoid a potential conflict.
  • Single payments will now always logging the payment result properly into Powercode.


  • Services list should now filter correctly between selectable and unselectable.
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Release 18.11.15 [Beta]


  • CustomerID and Customer Profile links have been re-added to the Customer Status Reports.
  • Resolved an issue with the Customer Elevation Profile where slower computers and browsers were not keeping up with execution.  We added a delay of 500ms to all but guarantee this not happening again.


  • An issue preventing services from being edited has been resolved.
  • Services list can be sorted by Status again.
  • Services list will display only selectable services by default again.


  • Columns are now aligned properly with their services on the Payment page.
  • Polished the Payments page and removed animations to avoid breaks in the Payment Submission workflow.


  • Saisei license information will now display in a popup instead of in the table.
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Release 18.11.07 [Beta]


  • You can now unset a Parent Ticket by changing it to “None”.


  • Resolved an issue where tickets wouldn’t properly update via the API.


  • Services and Customer Status Lists now load dynamically resulting in substantial performance gains.


  • Additional validation to prevent address ranges with invalid start and end from being added.


  • IP Addresses on the Inventory tab of the Customer Overview now append the related port.
  • Balances that are transferred on guarantor addition now properly retain TaxZone information.
  • Correct an incorrect link reference in the Invoice Preferences page.

Customer Portal

  • Data usage now labels properly as MB, and formats the tooltip to represent MB.


  • Increased mobile compatibility of CnMaestro pages.


  • Customer individual system emails now properly set the “From” address as the correct system email.
  • Resolved an issue with multi brand emails that would prevent customers from properly receiving preference emails.


  • Fixed a typo with VOIP Services that represented Long Distance rates as Local.


  • Updated TowerCoverage export to properly reflect changes made on their Imports.


  • A case where SNMP probes would return unknown results no longer result in a bad status for the associated Equipment.
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