New Features

  • Twilio Integration. The first iteration of SMS within Powercode. You can now add a twilio account to send SMS to customers’ mobile phone numbers from the Customer Overview.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a case where job workorder would fail to decode job notes.
  • Fixed smart conversion for equipment probes in equipment details.
  • Fixed logic check to prevent a case where jobs would reset back to the standby list.
  • Fixed file uploads to include a Customer Event Log entry.
  • Fixed line graphs to show more dynamic y axis.
  • Fixed reset zoom button blocking graph points.
  • Fixed issue with tickets saving an incorrect time on ticket logs.
  • Fixed extra white space shown in IP addresses on Equipment Details page.
  • Fixed dropbox to allow resuming uploads of large backups if they fail.
  • Fixed pasting into tickets actions preventing submission.
  • Fixed large numbers of results in Customer Status reports from causing systems to lock up.
  • Fixed several issues with member permission changes logging incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where upgrading would sometimes delete minute by minute usage data.
  • Fixed Upload Attachment warning being displayed on load in Add Ticket Comment.
  • Fixed proration when deleting services.
  • Fixed equipment defaults from loading default values on edit.


  • Added the ability to resolve tickets on creation.
  • Added the ability to filter and export the customer transactions table.
  • Various fixes and improvements to Baicells LTE Integration.
  • Removed check for unsaved schedule when editing job notes in the live view.