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Release 19.15.05 [Stable]

Our Powercode v19.15.05 release follows up our latest release and has our latest Google Maps integration! 19.15.05 includes our latest stable build for Google Maps, including mapping updates and performance enhancements for Schedule Live View, Complete Map, Elevation Profile, and much more! Detailed instructions on how to enable and set up Google Maps to work with Powercode can be found our our Knowledge Base. If there are any questions regarding the new release or Google Maps, please reach out and our Customer Experience Team will be happy to help!

Complete Map

  • Resolved undefined link statues from preventing the Complete Map from loading.
  • Resolved incorrect network site icons displaying (not properly reflecting down or warning equipment).
  • Replaced incorrect icon for pending network sites.
  • Resolved the complete map not loading a customer account correctly from the Edit Account page.

Schedule Live View

  • Removed all Points of Interest by default from the Schedule Live View map.


  • Fixed an issue preventing sending an SMS if the Primary Contact was not opted in.


  • Corrected a versioning issue that was preventing tasks from being added from the tasks overview page.


  • Resolved a limited issue where the address would not display properly on some invoices.
  • Corrected an issue in which some transactions would not properly log to the transaction log.
  • Removed the refund link for transactions in some cases where it was displaying for the incorrect transaction status.
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