This stable release is the first stable release since 17.06.21 and contains the following beta releases:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes Calendar Sync page not loading.
  • Fixed loading initial tool in tool tab on Equipment Details page.
  • Fixed issue trying to load vehicle tracking even if Track Your Truck was disabled.
  • Fixed dropdowns appearing above contract while viewing Completion Template contracts.
  • Fixed Completion Template contract’s height preventing contract from closing.
  • Fixed customer ticket always being set to urgent from customer overview.
  • Fixed Schedule Live View’s Stand By job order to sort by job creation date.
  • Fixes ticket status not updating when reassigning ticket to yourself.
  • Fixed issue saving job notes while job was in the workbench.
  • Fixed an error when generating invoices.
  • Fixed Custom Customer Alerts replacing title with alert color when submitting invalid inputs.


  • Added more verbose logging into the customer event logs while scheduling jobs.
  • Allowed searching by item attributes for inventory quick assign.
  • Reduced size of ticket relation padding (to increase visibility).