//Release 17.07.17 [BETA]

Release 17.07.17 [BETA]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where editing equipment would sometimes delete associated equipment.
  • Fixed issue where deleting transactions would sometimes disassociate with the customer.
  • Fixed issue where tech groups could not see full permission group access levels.
  • Fixed issue that would cause inactive web users to show as selectable when assigning current inventory.
  • Fixed issue where calculated payment amounts would show incorrect decimal value.
  • Fixed issue where payment amounts would display a negative value if customer balance was not positive.
  • Fixed issue on Income by Address Range report that would allow the report to run without a selected address range.
  • Fixed unnecessary file being created during inventory stock level checks.
  • Fixed inventory status report to properly show assignee.
  • Fixed overpay popup to display based on amount due instead of balance.
  • Fixed associated link that was hard to read when ticket was active.
  • Fixed archived customers showing up when trying to enter payment for a specific Customer ID.
  • Fixed issue that would limit some equipment from being pushed to Procera.
  • Fixed job notes not formatting line breaks correctly.
  • Fixed an invalid character causing search to throw an error.


  • Added Customer ID to the Income by Address Range report.
  • Added export button to Equipment Logs and Network Site Logs.
  • Added validation when editing an account.
  • Added new checkbox to remove Customer Portal Access from customers.
  • Added alert message if disk usage is above 80%.
  • Added page size selector to ticket dashboard.
  • Added billing configuration option for overpaying alert.
  • Modified prior 12 month graph labels to better reflect 12 month historical usage.
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