Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to remove a guarantor from an account.
  • Fixed ssl protocols to reference correct versions.
  • Fixed validation for adding / editing credit cards.
  • Fixed incorrect error on equipment if status check is none.
  • Fixed additional case where tickets had a [None] associated email.
  • Fixed map not loading when adding customer from Elevation Profile widget.
  • Fixed accounts with no active services from showing an incorrect variable in the notification bar.
  • Fixed a display issue with Custom Customer Alerts that would not show updated alert status when activated.
  • Fixed cases where content in popup box would appear off-screen. It will now scroll dynamically for all content.
  • Fixed not being able to delete contracts.
  • Fixed System Event Logs not saving when deleting contracts.
  • Fixed Allowed Invoice Type preference to be implemented properly on the Add Customer Wizard.
  • Fixed Customer Event Log line breaks being displayed as \n.


  • Moved Tax Zone Required option from Billing Configuration to Add Customer Wizard Configuration.
  • Added Billing Configuration option to disable / enable billing notes (disabled by default).
  • Added View Contract button for mobile.
  • Added close button to first Inventory tour box.