• This release is behind a breakpoint.  Please contact support to schedule an upgrade.


  • Added options for international templates. #TDP-5

CDR Records

  • Improved load time on large call record data sets. #2650

Scheduled Jobs

  • Resolved issues with the schedule live view not honoring the schedule override. #2695
  • Resolved issues where high amounts of fields would result in the column being very narrow. #2566

Add Service

  • Resolved an issue where the monthly discount select dropdown was not scrollable or searchable, leaving some options unselectable. #2598


  • Resolved an issue with the logs not sorting chronologically.  #2660

Complete Map

  • Resolved issues with the customer tag filter not showing all the customers.  #2692


  • Resolved issues with the inventory product graphs not accurately reflecting counts.  #2691
  • Resolved an issue where the history was not showing deleted inventory.


  • General improvements including error handling in the event MySQL crashes.
  • Added a config option for the IPPay credit card information updater.
  • Resolved an issue with e-check and ProPay.
  • Improved handling of responses from the credit card activity report. #2680


  • Updated to the powercode map icons to have better contrast with the background of Google maps.


  • Resolved issues with international call billing.


  • Resolved issues with the token not refreshing for dropbox oAuth. #1394


  • Public beta version of Telrad integration.


  • Public beta version.


  • Powercode recommends contacting Powercode support to audit your Saisei config and possibly reset the configuration to ensure that the configuration functions as intended going forward.

  • Update to use MIR/CIR, sequence, and priority for policies.
  • Remote subnets are now entered into the Saisei host table as a subnet entry instead of treating the remote subnets as access points within Saisei.
  • The Saisei config auto saves every six hours now.


  • Resolved an issue with attachments on emails.
  • Resolved an issue with the support email blacklist page not loading properly.

Site Overview

  • Resolved an issue where the job template would be unselectable.


  • Expanded the next day job reminder configuration options.


  • Integration in beta.

Custom Fields

  • Sort fields alphabetically in all views.


  • Mikrotik is in beta and untested.  A stable tested version will come in the following release in weeks to come.

Network Sites

  • Added abbreviations to the sites list.