Network Sites

  • Resolved issues with search when the rows per page were less than the result size.  #2609

Custom Fields

  • Resolved an issue where the default value for custom fields was not saving. #2663


  • Resolved an issue with the pdf generation of some contract formatting. #2688 & #1077

Scheduled Jobs

  • Resolved an error that occrued while attempting to complete certain jobs. #2690


  • Validate files were transferred prior to deleting old backups. #2168


  • Resolved an issue when creating a customer via the api and not setting the group.


  • Change the Guarantor billing page to show the guarantees name on transferred charges.
  • Rework due day billing payment process to avoid instances of multiple payments.
  • Corrected column defaults for the payment queue Entered and last updated fields.


  • Added functionality to go back to the search page after clicking on a result. #2665
  • Resolved an issue that  prevented the SSN from saving when editing the profile.  #2681

Tower Coverage

  • Resolved an issue with the API key generation. #2621


  • Resolved an issue when deleting equipment that would result in the equipment being deleted but a notification that unknown error occurred would appear.  #2640
  • Resolved an issue that allowed infinite clicking through IP addresses past the declared range. #1026
  • Resolved search params not being honored when searching equipment.  #2696


  • Resolved an issue with permissions that only users with the admin menu permission could edit their widgets.  #2671


  • Release the BETA version of the PHP IPAM integration.


  • Resolved an issue with the amount hyperlink on the account class report. #2446

Address Ranges

  • Resolved an issue where the address range would be selectable from the dropdown when the site is disabled. #2490
  • Resolved an issue that would occur when trying to move address ranges. #2600