System Changes

  • Changed SSL Ciphers and Protocols for PCI Scans.

New Features

  • Transfer a customer balance to a guarantor. You can now transfer a customer’s balance to the guarantor account you are assigning them to.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed validation to display on KML Export Page.
  • Fixed html entities being saved for Network Sites in KML export.
  • Fixed description on services tooltip.
  • Fixed case where custom reports would overwrite each other.
  • Fixed ability to remotely send backups to Dropbox.
  • Fixed error when trying to recreate equipment.
  • Fixed device type protocol not properly loading for network links.


  • Added export “All” to customer statuses in KML export.
  • Added a select all checkbox to select all tickets on the ticketing page.
  • Added the ability to set From Address and From Name on backups.
  • Added option to allow / disallow customers from editing their payment information through the customer portal.
  • Added option to customer portal to prevent customers from deleting their last payment method.
  • Added option to use individual address pieces in email variables.
  • Added option to show customer’s phone number on invoices.
  • Added billing notes to the customer overview page.