• Updated the delinquent customer reconnection fee to be a service rather than a dollar amount.
  • Update address type to be the type of bill rather than other.
  • Resolve an issue with monthly discounts.
  • Resolved an issue where the guarantee bill would be transferred to an inactive guarantor.
  • Resolved an issue with e-check verification.
  • Resolved an issue with bank imports.
  • Updated NACHA ACH format.
  • Resolved an issue where returned checks were not turning customers delinquent.  #D-25
  • Resolved an issue with pre-pay months.


  • Added a cron to save the Saisei config automatically every six hours.
  • Added a config option under system config to allow Saisei Parent child to specifically be turned off.


  • Improved sync time of Mikrotik BMUs.
  • Added a default interface for Mikrotik BMUs configurable via the add/edit bmu page.


  • Added transfer ticket api endpoint.


  • Improved top navigation.
  • Added an option for a pinnable side navigation.
  • Resolved an issue that would result in the infrastructure overview being unresponsive.
  • Added an option for Towercoverage to add a multi map link that appears on the customer overview.
  • Added a DHCP log tab to the equipment details page.
  • Resoloved an issue with the job check-in timer not displaying properly.  #218


  • Resolved an issue with the incorrect files appearing at the top of a ticket.
  • Added the ability to create network matinence tickets.


  • Resolved an issue with the Tax Zone report.
  • Resolved an issue where the failed installed report would fail to load. #204
  • Include VOIP lines to monthly recurring on the financial dashboard. #D-44


  • Added provisioning support for Trango NIDs.

Network Monitoring

  • Added groups to sites.
  • Added Observium support
  • Added a public facing network status page based on the groups.
  • Fixed issues with graphs on the equipment overview.
  • Added DHCP log tab that pulls records if they are in the last 5 million lines of the vrmu dhcp log.


  • Added a webhook for when a ticket is added to a specifc group.


  • Created a new pulic facing page at :448/register.
  • Added customer groups to contracts to allow them to be filtered on the registration.
  • Services and Contracts will populate based on the service area (Customer Group).

Office 365

  • Added support for office 365 with inbound support account and outbound going email.

Star Solutions

  • Added BMU support for Star Solutions.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented unimus from functioning properly.
  • Resovled issues with Twilio integration.
  • Added BMU as a filter option for mass communication.
  • Resolved an issue where unordered lists would break contracts. #164
  • Resolved an issue with the customer search in the new task popup window. #180
  • Resolved an issues with searching support email blaklist. #181
  • Resolved an issue with pager duty repeat settings. #184
  • Resolved an issue with international VOIP numbers that lead with a zero. #186
  • Made the customer portal login page responsive. #187
  • Resolved an issue with Calix device types. #194
  • Added the export report button to completed jobs report. #195
  • Resolved an issue with late fee application. #196
  • Resolved an issue where the address range dropdown would be empty. #197
  • Resolved an issue with updating the external account ID from the API. #199
  • Add an option to re-apply contracts when editing a service. #200
  • Resolved issues with installer view job check-in timer. #202
  • Resolved an issue with webhooks. #207
  • Resolved an issue with drag on drop scheduling on mobile devices. #222
  • Resolved an issue with job notes becoming unreadable due to special characters. #160
  • Resolved an issue with contracts not displaying properly due to special characters. #212
  • Added sender email address under the customer portal contact us section to resolve issues with sending emails. #178
  • Resolve an issue with schedule live view display issue. #177
  • Referral discount has been added to the monthly services total. #192
  • Added the ability to make custom fields requried. #D-38
  • Resolved an issue with the repeated discount slider not functioning properly. #D–58
  • Added a loading notice to the map. #209