• Port now defaults to 80 if none is set.


  • End address range IPs will now validate properly.


  • Several Saisei graphs that were not loading previously will now load as expected.

Customer Overview

  • Jobs will sort by their StartTime properly – previously, the days would be out of order.

Mass Notification

  • ‘Both’ option for Mass Notification now correctly selects the amount of customers to send the notification to.

Elevation Profile

  • Modified several instances where the elevation profile was loaded to ensure it isn’t being loaded prematurely.


  • Address State will now default to the Customer’s default State, instead of the first in an Alphabetical list.


  • Modifying Credit Card information no longer loads empty data.
  • Updated how payment information was being sent to Moneris to avoid a potential conflict.
  • Single payments will now always logging the payment result properly into Powercode.


  • Services list should now filter correctly between selectable and unselectable.