This stable release is the first stable release since 18.03.21. Some of the highlights include:

  • NEW Customer Portal complete with bugfixes and many new features!
  • Service Areas – you can now specify which service areas you cover, including support for International customers!
  • Saisei BMU Integration – fully integrate the power of the Saisei BMU into your network within Powercode.
  • FCC Monthly Backups & Sticky Settings – you can now specify FCC 477 export settings on a per-service basis, and Powercode now automatically saves your FCC data every month!
  • Twilio Dashboard – you can now send out SMS messages, view replies, and see metrics for your Twilio usage from the Twilio Dashboard in Reports.
  • Over 50 system changes and enhancements to make Powercode work better.

Be sure to check out everything that’s been added! In addition to these couple changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bandwidth gathering from not initializing properly for Saisei.
  • Editing non-monthly internet services now correctly loads FCC sticky settings.
  • System event log for schedule overrides no longer inaccurately sets the user as admin.
  • Customer portal mobile menu now has the correct background.
  • Twilio logs link in the Twilio configuration page now links to the correct location.
  • Fixed an issue where internal ranges were being applied to every BMU regardless of type.
  • Fixed several issues with VoIP service comparisons.
  • You can now override service costs to $0 again.
  • Fixed an issue preventing BMUs from being added.