//Powercode 18.04.04 Release [Beta]

Powercode 18.04.04 Release [Beta]

New Features

  • NEW Customer Portal. Our revamped Customer Portal comes with bugfixes and many new features, including:
    • Restyled new and sleek for a modern web. Fully responsive for easy customer access.
    • Ability to add Ticket Attachments through the Customer Portal Ticketing system.
    • Custom Styling – the ability to add Custom CSS styling to the customer portal.
    • Ability to fully modify contact information via the Customer Portal.
    • Guaranteed Account Usage Graphs added to the the portal.
    • Reorganized Customer Portal Configuration page. Easily enable or disable what you want your customers to see!
  • Service Areas – you can now specify which service areas you cover. Configure > System > Service Areas to now add which States / Countries you cover without having to see them all! Also allows support for international customers.
  • Saisei BMU Integration – you can now integrate your Saisei BMU with Powercode.

Bug Fixes

  • Added missing permissions to ticketing reports and the scheduling dashboard.
  • Fixed wrapping of mass notification in Edge.
  • Updated contact breadcrumb view to point to the Customer Account rather than the Primary Contact.
  • Fixed adding a service dropdown from wrapping outside of container.
  • Fixed styling of lists in modals.
  • Fixed call records showing up if the customer is guarantored.
  • Updated guarantor submission to work properly in Safari.
  • Fixed some Email variables not being replaced properly.
  • System totals widget now properly checks for permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t add more than 1 monthly service as a Scheduled Event.
  • Custom Reports now show Ticket blank spaces correctly.
  • Fixed an error being thrown when checking for SurgeMail email server status.
  • Customers with custom statuses now activate properly.
  • Scheduled Job reminder now checks the configuration correctly before being triggered.
  • Fixed customer tags group selection on Mass SMS from causing them to fail.
  • Changed quantity validation for one-time charges to properly validate numbers less than 1.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the system header would check for an unrelated permission.
  • Portal password resets will no longer fail to submit due to an incorrect security token.
  • Updated duplex color option to push correct value to MailXStream.
  • Fixed an issue where jobs with large amounts of completion fields would fail to complete.
  • Saving contacts on mobile no longer removes their customer portal access.


  • Added Auto Activation requires full payment config check to customer portal payments.
  • Added source code editor into Powercode.
  • Added job notes to completion data on the Customer Overview.
  • Added WebHook for Twilio replies.
  • Added port to associated equipment on the Network Site Overview.
  • Added ACH option to set the effective date for ACH Batch Exports.
  • Added ability to set the CustomerID of a New Account when adding through the API, given the ID is not already taken.
  • Added ability to delete a contact while editing a contact.
  • Added id, up speed, down speed to the services tab on the Customer Overview.
  • Added up speed, down speed to the services list.
  • Added the ability to perform actions on mirrored BMU address ranges.
  • Added device type to equipment tables on the Overview and Equipment tab.
  • Editing Delinquency Shut Off Days now records to the System Event Log.
  • Individual Network Site overview now matches equipment details.
  • Reverted Bank Name label to Name to avoid confusion.
  • Removed unused dhcp dns3 input field.
  • Send Email text editor bar no longer wraps.
  • Submit button made default action for all Powercode forms.
  • Updated various forms to ensure Submit/Save is default action.
  • Updated default days for multi-day schedule to be the next 8 calendar days.
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