System Changes

  • Saisei automatically groups speedtest applications in the speedtest group.
  • VoIP service quantities can no longer be changed.
  • Improved formatting of pasted text in Tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to delete Radius accounts.
  • Remittence section on Invoices now show correct Multibrand address.
  • Hyperlinks now save correctly in system emails.
  • Fixed an issue where active time display was incorrect for users logged in for more than a day.
  • Fixed an issue where double-sided printing would not work.
  • VoIP services removed from a Customer Account will no longer cause their billing to fail.
  • VoIP CDR ratings will now calculate correctly even if the service is removed from a Customer Account.
  • Increased the threashold for the amount of Call Records that can be loaded into the Customer Overview.
  • VoIP will no longer bill for the wrong date when running manual billing for an individual customer.
  • Default International Rate for VoIP will now display correctly.
  • Fixed buttons not displaying properly when attempting to import international call rates from a CSV.
  • Prevented a case where you could initiate the bank import process twice.
  • Fixed reverted speeds on the Customer Overview services tab.


  • Added delinquent plan to Saisei.
  • Added CustomerID to status change webhooks.
  • Added dmz to CN Pilot devices for Option 66.