//18.04.25 Release [Beta]

18.04.25 Release [Beta]

Bug Fixes

  • Billing address no longer fail to geolocate on the Account Edit page.
  • Fixed a case where customer service quantities would fail to update.
  • Automatic emails no longer list an incorrect status change.
  • Removing all Service Custom Fields no longer throws an error.
  • Fixed issue causing some backup settings not to save.
  • Updated Feedback Form button to reset properly.
  • BMU logs no longer cause the BMU Configuration Page to crash.
  • Fixed an issue causing some tickets to not appear on the Parent Ticket selector.
  • Fixed tax-zone requirement for non-customer accounts.
  • MikroTik no longer submits probes twice to Slave BMUs.
  • TowerCoverage no longer creates addresses with empty Countries.
  • Changing your WebUser username while logged in no longer breaks permissions.
  • Fixed Customer Custom Alerts from displaying duplicates on the Custom Alert overview.
  • Fixed saving the default responsible user in Customer Portal settings.
  • Saving device types no longer remove autoprovision options from device configuration settings.
  • Customer sales person now saves correctly when none is set.
  • Several fixes for Saisei equipment loading and device mirroring.


  • Added more information to the Add / Update Service Webhook.
  • Added MMS to Twilio.
  • Added default Add Customer Wizard option for Invoice Preference.
  • Added a “Return to Network Sites” button on the Individual Site Overview page.
  • Added date range to the Tickets Opened and Closed report.
  • Added ability to view all completed jobs without job template restriction.
  • Added customer group restrictions to “Monthly” service types.
  • Added ability to ping equipment through the MikroTik.
  • Added partial search in MAC Address field while adding equipment to a customer.
  • Added slave functionality to Saisei.
  • Updated Customer Portal font size accessibility.
  • User Profile on the Customer Portal now displays the username.
  • Linked the entire row on customer tickets in the Customer Portal.
  • Updated Navigation to load only once per page load.
  • System Event Log ACH batch link now redirects to the ACH landing page instead of automatically batching payments.
  • Removed extra advanced wireless tab from 2.4ghz equipment.
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