This stable release is the first stable release since 17.11.21. Some of the highlights include:

  • 2 New Supported Option 66 Devices for Remote Provisioning.
  • Procera v17 Support was added, allowing you to synchronize with and run Procera devices up to v17.2.x!
  • Invoicing Configurations added! You can now more deeply customize your invoices with options for showing amounts on the same line, font sizes for headers and optional detail page header displays. In addition, we added the option for the Print Invoices report to format invoices for double-sided printing. More customization to come!
  • Added the ability to send out mass emails to Children of Equipment – allowing you to send out emails to specific customers under a specified parent.
  • New Powercode Feedback form! Convenient way to submit bug reports, feature requests, or general comments directly to Powercode.
  • Made a bunch of fixes and enhancements!

Be sure to check out everything that’s been added!