Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customer notes displaying /r/n.
  • Fixed an issue where previous customer payments would sometimes not appear on invoices.
  • Fixed duplicate username error from pointing to a Contact when username exists on a WebUser.
  • Fixed an issue where DHCP options were not pushing for CnPilot R201P and ReadyNet AC1200MS.
  • Fixed post-delinquent customers from showing delinquency date on the Customer Overview.
  • Fixed empty addresses in Customer Lists.
  • Fixed non-utf-8 chars being encoded in Customer Call Logs.
  • Fixed elevation profile map resetting position when location is manually moved.
  • Fixed default credit card expiration in the customer portal from dating in the past. It now defaults to 3 years from the current month.
  • Fixed some bank accounts from adding extra \ characters on save.
  • Fixed breadcrumb link in the Account Class Report pointing to the dashboard.
  • Fixed flooding MikroTik login logs.


  • Added Customer Name, Equipment to list of users in an Address Range.
  • Added the ability to append job notes to Network Site Jobs.
  • Added link back to the Customer Profile in the Account Class Report transaction list.
  • Removed improvement program from Powercode (now part of the beta track).