Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Customer Event Log Dialogs not closing when “x” is clicked.
  • Fixed issue with empty MikroTik DHCP Configurations.
  • Fixed Customer Primary Contact information from not saving when one already existed.
  • Fixed an issue where additional Procera v17 filtering rules were being applied unnecessarily.
  • Fixed issue where scheduled events for remove service was only allowing removal of monthly internet service.
  • Fixed sorting order of scheduled events for the customer overview so it sorts correctly (from earliest to latest).
  • Fixed an issue where bandwidth was not being collected on Baicells LTE SM device types. Updates the default to gather bandwidth.
  • Fixes payment form payments from having a midnight time stamp if being entered for the current date.


  • Added Option 66 support for ReadyNet AC1200MS Router.
  • Added Permissions to Limit Users from submitting Echeck, Credit Card, Check, Cash, Direct/Wire, EFTPOS, and ACH Payments for Customers.
  • Moved Powercode Feedback form to Help > Feedback.