• Web User Time Sheets – Added tracking system to track amount of time a Web User is active in Powercode. Also added additional reports for users time logs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed table staying on an old page when returning to Customer Event Logs.
  • Fixed validation with Account Classes to fix saving empty class names.
  • Fixed broken link to customer account when making payments.
  • Fixed refund / make credit form from submitting multiple times.
  • Fixed issue that would sometimes cause network site jobs to not submit.
  • Fixed issue where SMs reboot every time a contract is queued while the Canopy Speed Updater is on.
  • Fixed some old files from not appearing on Customer Files or Network Sites.
  • Fixed Migrating Users from one Address Range to an Address Range with insufficient free IPs.


  • Added collection of missing information from TowerCoverage.
  • Added validation to prevent invalid Latitude and Longitude from being saved.
  • Prevented all Canopy SMs from rebooting when turning the Canopy Speed Updater on.
  • Updated wording to reflect exactly what it shows on Canopy SMs.