Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customer portal data usage to show correct overage charges.
  • Fixed select dropdown for network site job on mobile view.
  • Fixed old schedule overrides not being cleaned up properly.
  • Fixed adding / updating schedule override logs.
  • Fixed various misc. errors with calendar synchronization.
  • Fixed a fringe case of taxes rounding for half decimals.
  • Fixed Edit Job button color.
  • Fixed order number errors with Track Your Truck.
  • Fixed job notes not saving from customer overview if it is not assigned to a web user.
  • Fixed creation date not being added for inventory items, consumables, and products.


  • Added export buttons to multi day schedule.
  • Added the ability to check in and out of Jobs on Schedule Live View.
  • Added all phone numbers to delinquent customer report.
  • Added welcome activation email for all customers that are activated.
  • Added the ability to chose which displayed statuses and time range customer portal tickets will display.
  • Added confirmation email to customers when submitting payments through the customer portal.
  • Added ability to check if username exists when adding a new customer, and if it does, link to their account.
  • Added ability to rename uploaded files and attachments for Network Sites and Customer Files.