New Feature

  • New list of important update patch-notes. These notes will display when scheduling your Powercode upgrade.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Network Site link to point towards Site Overview.
  • Fixed IP address display for Customer Equipment by Status.
  • Fixed a case where billing settings would not save consistently.
  • Fixed Customer Portal Revoked Access styling.
  • Fixed Customer Portal username and password fields being disabled if the contact has revoked access.
  • Fixed Custom Report to run start date at the beginning of day and end date at the end of day.
  • Fixed loading and saving of Contact Details in Customer Portal.
  • Fixed password generation for Device Configuration Template.
  • Fixed Scheduled Event date picker to not allow picking dates today and before.
  • Fixed queue restart command.
  • Fixed Equipment Log table not sorting / filtering in Equipment Details.
  • Fixed several display errors with Calendar Sync on mobile.
  • Fixed emails and invoices sometimes not showing appropriate number count for Account ID.
  • Fixed Completed Jobs Report from only displaying partial completion data.
  • Fixed uncaught validation exception for generating receipts for customers.
  • Fixed orphaned credit card type when archiving customers.
  • Fixed Data Usage Report to properly show IP Addresses.
  • Fixed BMU Firmware Version from incorrectly warning that it is out of date.
  • Fixed custom variables for Contracts.
  • Fixed social security field being required if security code is required.


  • Added ability to override price when adding a One-Time Charge.
  • Added upload date to customer and network site files.
  • Removed deprecated filters from various search forms.
  • Removed suppressed equipment from showing on the Complete Network Map.