Bug Fixes

  • Fixed custom fields showing on the Customer Overview even if they were empty.
  • Fixed an issue with paging in the Historical IP Assignment report.
  • Fixed case where a job description could cause workbench items to break.
  • Fixed template fields preventing the ability to complete jobs from Schedule Live View.
  • Fixed Edit Customer Account creating log for Contract Expiration though it was not updated.
  • Fixed Ticket Updates / Replies (with reassign to yourself checked) from logging the the ticket transfer twice.
  • Fixed Ticket Updates / Replies to properly log ticket attachments and ticket status changes.
  • Fixed ticket action bar from always showing reply regardless of customer’s visibility of the ticket.
  • Fixed Ticket Transfer option to remove yourself from the ticket being hidden on page load.
  • Fixed Ticket Updates / Replies to properly log when also changing status and uploading an attachment.
  • Fixed ticket formatting for associate email change confirmation box.
  • Fixed ticket associated email from sometimes showing up as empty or none when an email exists.
  • Fixed ticket associated email to update correctly when updating associated customer.


  • Added default option (select one) for custom select fields on equipment overview.
  • Added warning to Web User Timesheets Reports if the feature is not enabled.
  • Updated transferring balance to guarantor to allow the transferring of positive account balances.