Add Customer Wizard

  • Added options to hide fields that aren’t required for customer creation in the add customer wizard configuration.

  • Resolved an issue where payments were being rejected due the reference ID being too long.

Geolocation Error

  • If a customer’s address is set to automatically geocode and their physical address has a latitude or longitude of zero it will attempt to geolocate and update the coordinates.

Webuser Accounts

  • Resolved an issue where updating a webuser profile would fail to update if the phone number didn’t have a value.

Inventory API

  • Introduce a UAPI endpoint for inventory management via restful json API.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with the handling of UTF-8 characters in tickets.
  • Resolved an issue where the check-in timer on installer mobile view wasn’t calculating the time correctly after refreshing the page.
  • Schedule Live View year updates.
  • Fixed duplicating probes when editing equipment.
  • Cash/Check payment issue resolved.
  • Auto selection of ticket status removed.
  • CompleteMap updates.
  • RADIUS credential formatting issues resolved.
  • Generate all action functionality enabled.
  • Saisei graph enhancements.
  • Dropbox authorization code fix.
  • Ticket ID now checked in subject.
  • User not found error resolved.
  • Verify vanilla v20 installations.
  • Fix all groups selection on services.