• Set all failed payments in the payment queue to canceled status to account for recent billing changes. When a manual payment is made any failed payments will be canceled. This is the retroactive approach to account for that new process.
  • Resolved an issue where manual ACH payments would credit a second time during daily billing.
  • Updated billing process to spawn multiple payment processes to decrease the overall billing runtime.
  • Removed the “#” from cash payment’s description #2647


  • Added the select for the census year on the FCC 477 report. #2620
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Pre-Installs Without Installs report to not show any results. #2656

Navigation Menu

  • Added back the SAML/SSO navigation menu option.

Equipment Details

  • Updated the wording of the open-access list tab. #2648


  • Release BETA integration of openSRS.


  • Resolved an issue with authorization if on a version of 6.43.


  • Resolved an issue when downloading the minute-by-minute Saisei graph by upgrading Highcharts to better handle larger data sets. #2654


  • Resolved an issue where clicking edit on any shaping rule would result in the error message page. #2612

Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue where the mobile view was not filtering services that are not viewable to the web user. #2659

Customer Portal

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the customer security code from appearing on the customer portal when enabled.