• Improved customer search when searching by the customer’s last name first. #2521

Elevation Profile

  • Resolved an issue where the line of sight line would calculate based on meters instead of the unit used for the input. #2542


  • Added column search to the closed ticket report. #2445
  • Resolved an issue with the installer time sheets scrolling out of view. #2495
  • Limited the email event log to the last 1000 entries.

Customer Portal

  • Resolved an issue where settings were being set to a default value of on. #2527
  • Resolved an issue where the customer portal toggle would be incorrectly set requiring fields to be set for login. #2395
  • Added an option when changing the “Allow ACH/ECheck Addition” to set the option for all customers rather than just going forward.
  • Resolved an issue with the customer portal color setting. #2624


  • Added amount in cents to the customer portal call records.
  • Added additional call rate classifications (Special, Mobile, National).
  • Resolved issues with DID imports.
  • Resolved issues with adding call records via the API
  • Resolved issues with the unlimited toggles not saving properly. #2498
  • Resolved an issue where VoIP call record charges were being calculated when manually set.  Call records with a charge greater than zero will not be updated.
  • Resolved issues with the 477 report.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented removing the parent ticket from the child ticket. #2593


  • Resolved an issue when deleting a contract that has existing contracts signed. #2528

Customer Overview

  • Resolved an issue where the monthly total for services would be $NaN.
  • Resolved an issue where the customer group was not displaying. #2201
  • Resolved an issue where the delinquency date would display inaccurately. #2491
  • Add view all tickets to the tickets section on the customer overview. #2633


  • Resolved an issue where some customers weren’t having an invoice preference set. #2599
  • Resolved an issue where guarantee/guarantor accounts were using the incorrect tax setting. #1286
  • Resolved an issue where the custom reactivation fee setting wasn’t properly being set. #2594
  • Resolved an issue where credit cards would expire at the beginning of their expiration month rather than the first of the next month.  #1613
  • Resolved an issue where ACH charges on the bill due day were double crediting the account.
  • Resolved issues with autopay running immediately after billing or not at all. #2596
  • Resolved issues with some customers’ payments not being charged after being placed in the payment queue. #2554
    • When a manual payment is made any existing not successfully processed payments in the queue will be canceled.
  • Changed the credit card retry count label to be an attempt count to more accurately reflect its impact as well as prevent zero from being an option.


  • Changed the monthly megabytes field to automatically set to 99999999 when no value is given. #1450
  • Resolved an issue that prevented services from being added in the add customer wizard. #2368


  • Added a field to set an SMS signature to be added to each message. #2611


  • Resolved an issue with auto-assigning an IP when changing address ranges. #2587


  • Resolved an issue with the system event log where it would sometimes not log the web user that created the log event. #2166
  • Resolved an issue with setting a web user inactive without an email address. #2339
  • Resolved an issue with the equipment log not truncating and added an option for seven days.


  • Update to add a process to handle IPPay’s fraud detections system and check if the transaction has been resolved each night when billing runs.